World War 2

Honor List of Dead and Missing Army and Army Air Forces Personnel from Giles County, Virginia.

Pvt. Lawrence R. Allison
PFC Ted L. Bair
PFC George T. Beller
Pvt. Henry W. Blankenship
Pvt. James E. Booth
PFC Lewis L. Bowles
PFC Everett K. Burton
Pvt. Cecil B. Caldwell
Cpl. Carlton Chapman
SSgt. Ashton L. Cole
PFC Stanford S. Connor
TEC4 Claude M. Dowdy
PFC Arnold G. Ferguson
Pvt. Lloyd M. Finley
Pvt. Roy H. Fleshman
PFC Henry B. Frazier
Cpl. Finley H. Ganoe
Pvt. Joe H. Givens
TEC5 Henry E. Hall
Pvt. Joseph V. Hess, Sr.
PFC Dan J. Hilton, Jr.
Pvt. Cecil F. Hodges
PFC Claude H. Horne
Pvt. Albert C. Johnston
PFC Preston H. Johnston
1 Lt. Miller F. Kline, Jr.
Cpl. Fred W. Labrie
TEC5 Victor Lafayette
TEC5 Willie L. Lang
PFC Robert L. Mullens
1 Lt. Robert W. Nix III
Cpl. Charles W. Poff
PFC Robert C. Robertson
Pvt. Junior E. Rogers
PFC Anderson E. Smith
PFC Edwin L. Stafford
Cpl. Charles E. Stump
Pvt. Alvin O. Tawney
SSgt. Sherwood Taylor
Pvt. Lawrence M. Thomas
TEC4 George F. Thompson
Pvt. Wilbur W. Tingler
2 Lt. William V. Warner
Pvt. Ernest W. White
SSgt. Clarence H. Williams
2 Lt. Vernon B. Williams
Pvt. Willie L. Williams

Soldiers who served in World War II from Giles County, Virginia.

Jesse M. Abshire
Asa A. Adair
Archie L. Akers
Charles H. Akers Sr.
Posy W. Akers
Robert S. Akers
Darl R. Albert
Homer Albert
Robert L. Alexander
Frank A. Anderson
Stewart E. Anderson
Joseph A. Aselt
Earl W. Auvil
Bernard F. Bailey
Everett H. Bailey
Kenneth Bailey
Leon Bailey
Paul L. Bailey
Rex M.Bailey
Robert P. Bailey
William Bailey
Woodrow W. Bailey
Lester L. Baker
William E. Baker
Thomas L. Bales
Ray J. Ball
Robert E. Ballard
Charles E. Bandy
Donald L. Barker
Clinton H. Barnette
Joe C. Bartlett
Willie R. Bartlett
Harold C. Barton
Rino L. Basham
Vernon F. Baum
William P. Beamer
Grover A. Beckner
Thomas T. Beckner
John D. Beller Jr.
John Bevan Jr.
Charles B. Bishop
Tinsley J. Bishop
Percy G. Blackburn
Leon R. Blackmon
Aberdeen Blankenship
Benjamin H. Blankenship
Earl J. Blankenship
Ernest P. Blankenship Jr.
James E. Blankenship
James J. Blankenship Jr.
Lloyd J. Blankenship
Luther G. Blankenship
Marvin L. Blankenship
Roy M. Blankenship
Thomas C. Blankenship
Eligah Blevins
Enoch Blevins
Grant D. Blevins
Oscar D. Board
Loyd G. Bocock
James E. Bond
James S. Bonham
Robert W. Bonham Jr.
Joseph A. Booth
Paul D. Bostic
William M. Bostic
William H. Bouldin
Lester B. Bowen
Billy J. Bowles
Irvin O. Bowles
James D. Bowles
John M. Bowles Jr.
George L. Bradley
George L. Bradley Jr.
Noah P. Bradley
Homer W. Breden
Garland R. Brooks
Thomas R. Brooks
Frank N. Brown
Herbert H. Brown
James F. Brown
Parris S. Brown
Walker P. Brown
Wesley B. Brown
James H. Browning
Odell G. Browning
Orvil L. Bruce
Lorinza Brumfield
Gordon Bryan
Jessie Bryant
Edward Buckland
John L. Buckland
Junior L. Bukton
Jack E. Burleson
Harry L. Burroughs
Harold C. Butler
Arnold W. Caldwell
Cecil B. Caldwell
George Caldwell
Raymond W. Caldwell
James R. Calhoun
Ralph M. Campbell
Roy S. Cannaday
Frank W. Carper Jr.
John W. Carper
James G. Carr
Roy J. Catron Sr.
Albert H. Chambers
Emory M. Chambers
Thomas E. Chambers
Ernest R. Chandler
Daniel T. Charles
Jack M. Charlton
Mark E. Chewning
James E. Christian
Ballard Wesley Clark
Ben W. Clark
John M. Clark
Leonard A. Clark
Ethel M. Clevenger
Willard A. Clyburn
Fonzie Collins
George C. Collins
Orbin T. Collins
Orin D. Collins
Aaron P. Combs
James B. Comer
Arnold B. Conley
Aubrey C. Conley
Henry H. Conley
Russell B. Conley
William Conley
William E. Conley
Charles W. Connor
Stanford S. Connor
Clarence E. Conwell
Elizabeth H. Cooper
William P. Cooper
Arthur L. Crawford
Eugene R. Crawford
Gaither Crawford
Paul B. Crawford
James W. Criner
John W. Croy
Kermit L. Croy
Robert J. Cumbee
George E. Dalton
Walter M. Dalton
Arnold R. David
Fred Davidson
Boyd L. Davis
Earsel . Davis
Hubert C. Davis
Hubert R. Davis
Joshua C. Davis
Robert L. Davis
Billy B. Day
Paul M. Day
Robert L. Day
Lloyd W. DeBoard
Bernard W. Dean Jr.
Paul G. Deck
Cecil E. Dennis
Joseph H. Dent
Granvel L. Dickerson
Millard J. Dickerson
Howard P. Dillon
James M. Dillon
Robert C. Dillon
Robert J. Douthat
Hiram H. Dove
Alvin W. Dowdy
Claude M. Dowdy
Daniel D. Dowdy
Ray C. Dowdy
Walter W. Dowdy
Willie Dowdy
Lylburn K. Downing
Cecil R. Doyle
John C. Drain
Roy L. Drawbond
James W. Dulaney
Charles B. Duncan
Huley B. Dunford
David D. Eaton
Lewis G. Eaton
Rufus B. Eaton
Carl L. Echols Jr.
Sanford H. Echols
Cecil C. Evans
Clinton E. Evans
Everett T. Evans
Frank A. Rain
Howard E. Fain
Harold D. Falls
Norman R. Falls
Charlie W. Fanning
John W. Fanning
Marvin W. Farley
Ethel B. Farmer
Frank Farrow
James M. Farrow
Arnold G. Ferguson
Elvin L. Ferguson
Harry L. Ferguson
Raymond H. Ferguson
Hampton M. Fillinger
Albert D. Fisher
Charlie L. Fisher
Donald E. Fisher
Frank P. Fisher Jr.
James A. Fisher
Ethel A. Fitzpatrick
William L. Flagle
Buster W. Flannigan
Robert R. Fleeman
Dudley T. Fletcher
William A. Fletcher Jr.
Forrest Franklin
James T. Franklin
Preston B. Frazier
Allen F. French
Kenneth L. French
James T. Frizzelle
Lacy V. Fuller
Charlie C. Furrow
Robert H. Furrow
Basil Lee Martin
Nep Hoge Martin
Roy Alvis Martin
William Jackson Martin
Alva F. Porterfield
Daniel Fisher Price

Reserve Soldiers of World War II from Giles County, Virginia.

Maynard M. Boyce
Carrel M. Caudil
Ralph W. Cooper
Charles G. Croushorn
William L. Cumbee
William F. Dula
William A. Fletcher Jr.
Chapman M. Hale Jr.
Frederick E. Hobart
James J. Johnson
Earl B. McCormick
Nelson B. Moseley
Robert W. Runions
Charles N. Smith
Charles O. Witt
Elmo J. Worrell


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