John Lewis Croft

John Lewis Croft was born in Craig County, Virginia. In the spring of 1861, he enlisted in Co. H, 45th Virginia Infantry and in the fall of 1862, in Co. H, Virginia Calvary. He returned to his home in 1865 – having served the cause of The Confederacy on the fields of Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee. He was a participant in over one hundred battles and skirmishes. During the fall campaign 1862 in Tennessee under Gen. Wm. E. Jones, he marched 47 days on one expedition. He fought also with Gen. Fitzhugh Lee in the Valley of Virginia campaign. Among the other heavy engagements in which he took place were Carnifax Ferry (where he was wounded in the foot); in Winchester, and Fisher Hill. When he returned home, he was a starving man on a starving horse and never fully recovered from the ravages of war. (His two younger Brothers didn’t live to return.)
He returned to farming the 365 acres on New River and Sinking Creek at Pembroke, Virginia, that had been in the family since Indian times.
On 22 May 1867, he was united in marriage to Martha Ann Snidow (b. 27 February 1844, d. 28 November 1893): a daughter of Jacob Snidow. To them were born seven children: Harvey Benton, John Edward, Florence Anna, Jacob Clyde, Samuel M., Bertrand C., and Edgar Hastings.
John Lewis Croft (b. 2 December 1838, d. 5 June 1896) was the son of David and Louisa West Broyles Croft.

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