Company B, 86th Virginia Militia

From 5 to 11 August 1861, the company was composed of 32 men drafted from Capt. Weisiger’s Company and 30 men from Capt. A. J. Porterfield’s Company. Drafted for the special purpose to go on the trip to the mouth of Indian Creek in Monroe Co.
Mustered into service on 5 August 1861 by order of Brig. Gen. A. A. Chapman. All the men named in this pay roll were in the service from that date until 11 August 1861 when the company was disbanded by order Gen. A. A. Chapman.
Unless otherwise stated all men have the rank of private.

Moses Adkins
Benjamin Bailey
B. Preston Bailey
Curtis Baley
Harrison Baley
William H. Beller, 3rd Sgt.
James S. Caldwell
Jackson Carter
Green B. Chandler
George Collens
Henley Collens
J. Harrison Collins
Lewis McHenry Collens
P. H. Colwell
Noah Cook
Christian Criner
Joseph M. Criner
Noah H. Criner, 3rd Sgt.
Andrew F. Croy. 1st Ltn.
Christian L. Croy
Isaac Croy
Michael Croy
Gen. M. Cumbie
Sanhedram H. Darr
Thomas Davis
John R. Doss
Erastus Dowdy
Jackson Duncan
Joseph Duncan
George A. Echols
Harrison P. Echols
Hesakiah Echols
John W. Echols
W. B. Echols
William Westley Farley, Sgt.
Edward J. H. Ferrl
H. A. J. Fisher, Cpl.
W. A. Guy, 1st Sgt.
John Hardaman
Casper L. Harless
G. J. Harless
Joseph A. Huffman
John Hunter
Thomas J. Hunter
Lemuel Kelly
James C. Kent
John C. Kerr
James H. Kerr
Thomas M. Kerr
A. Kirk, 2nd Ltn.
Joseph A. R. Kirk, Cpl.
Henry Knode
Lewis Knode
William H. Lafaun
J. W. Leftwitch, 4th Cpl.
John Lucas
Madison H. Lucas
James A. Lucus
Joseph Lucus
Preston Lucus
Thomas Manning
George Mattox
A. A. Meadows
Latham Meadows
William G. Meridith
Boston N. Nobler
A. J. Porterfield, Capt.
Charles L. Porterfield
John M. Porterfield
Christian Price
Marshall Rice
James E. Rowlett
McHenry Rutledge
John Sarver
John Simkins
Thomas Simpkins
Andrew J. Smith
Christian W. Snidow
Philip N. Snidow, 2nd Sgt.
Granville B. Stafford
John A. Taber
Jefferson Tabor
Whitley J. Tabor
James P. Turpin
Henly J. Vaught, 4th Sgt.
Riley Vaught
William J. Vaught, 4th Sgt.
Harvy M. Webb, 4th Cpl.
R. R. Weisiger, Capt.
A. Wheeling
Aquilley R. Williams
Floyd G. Williams
Frederic K. Williams
Isaac F. Williams
James E. Williams
John C. Williams
John H. Williams
John M. Williams
Lewis Williams

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