James Hector et ux to Thomas Walker and 38 others

LDS FHL # 31728
Giles County Virginia Deed Books v. C & D 1823 & 1836

Vol. C, Pgs. 414 & 415
2 August 1827

(Note: Names in [ ] are spellings from the 1830 Giles Co. VA census)

This Indenture made and entered into this Second day of August, Eighteen hundred and twenty seven years between James Hector and Charlotte his wife of Tazewell County Virginia of the one part for and in consideration of One Dollar to them in hand paid. The receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, hath bargained and sold and hereby baigains and sells to Thomas Walker, Cornelius Haldron, Hezekiah Melven, Israel Jones, Peter Blankenship, Cyrus Dillon, Wm. Moore Blankenship, Elijah Browning, David Mills, Joel Davis, Benjamin White, Jesse Davis, James White, William Prince, Wesley White, James Prince, Joseph Workman, William Bowling, [Boling], Benjamin Workman, John Shrewsberry, Samuel Thomas, Jeremiah Shrewsberry, Jesse Thomas, Charles Spangler, Jacob Meadows Junior, George Spangler, Joseph Ball, John Maupins, John Perdue, Parkenson Shewmate [Parkerson Shumate], Thomas White, Archibald Clendenning, James Thompson, Isaac White, John Conner, Zachariah Crawford, Jeremiah Corkburn [Cobern], Andrew Thompson (as undivided but Joint purchasers) of Giles, Tazawell and Munroe Counties Va of the other part and their heirs forever a certain tract of Land lying on the north side of Blue Stone River, Giles County, Virginia containing Nineteen hundred and Seventy (?) three (?) acres and a half (be the same more or less) and bounded as follows, Beginning at a spanish oak, poplar and white oak on a south side of a ridge near the forks of a branch & near Jas White’s corner, thence South 58, West five hundred and ninety two poles to two Black oaks and a locust near a cave, thence South 41, East six hundred and fifteen poles crossing several branches and a high ridge to three white oaks near a swampy place, thence North 61, East five hundred and sixty three poles crossing two branches to the white oaks & a red oak in a brushy hill side, thence North 391, West six hundred and thirty seven poles to the Beginning, being part of a Survey granted to W. C. Nicholas and legally conveyed to the said James Hector by deed recorded in Tazewell County County Court books.

With all it’s appurtenances free from the claim on claims of the said James Hector and his heirs forever. In Witness whereof we have this day set our hands and seals.
Signed, sealed and delivered in presence of: James Hector (seal)
Wm. Smith
Efraim MEADOWS Charlotte Teresa Hector (seal)
On 27 Sept. 1827
A. Dingess
At Giles October Court 1827
This Deed of bargain & sale from James Hector & his wife to Thomas Walker and thirty eight others was proven in Court by the oaths of William Smith and Ephraim Meadows two of the witnesses thereto Subscribed as to James Hector and continued for further proof. Teste:
David French, Ck.

And on the 11th day of April 1828 the same was acknowledged before me in my office by James Hector and ordered to be recorded. Teste:
David French, CLC

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