Dr. J. L. Muncy Meets Death

Dr. J. L. Muncy Meets Death.

Dr. Muncy Was a Bland County Boy and a Brother of T. J. Muncy of This Place.

Dr. James L. Muncy, one of the most prominent physicians of Giles county, and a resident of Pearisburg, was thrown from his buggy at Pembroke, Va., about 9 o’clock Friday night last, and died one hour later.

No one witnessed the fatal accident and the cause will probably never be known. It is supposed that his horse became frightened in the darkness and made a sudden dash, throwing him out headforemost. When found by some young people returning from a party he was still living, but was unconscious. No one knows the exact time he had lain there alone, but certainly not more than an hour. His horse was found with buggy intact about one mile east of Pearisburg and six miles distant from the scene of the accident.

Dr. Muncy was a man of most affable personal address and wonderfully popular among all classes, and he will be sorely missed. He is survived by a family consisting of his widow, who was before her marriage Miss Matilda Peery, of Burkes Garden, this county, and four children, Peery Muncy, a student at the Medical College of Virginia, James Blaine Muncy, a student at the V.P.I., Mrs. George Buchanan and Miss Mabel Muncy.

Dr. Muncy was a Bland county boy, and a brother of the Hon. T. J. Muncy of this place. He had made his home in Pearisburg for the past eighteen years, and was known throughout the entire county for his gentleness as a physician and his skill not only in diagnosis but in treatment of cases as well.

Tazewell Republican, Tazewell, Va., 4 January 1912.

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