Indicted for Murder in the First Degree

Morris Cremeans to Hang for Killing Old Man Kidd.

(Special to The Times-Dispatch.)

Pearisburg, Va., May 10. – Morris Cremeans was to-day convicted in the Circuit Couty of murder in the first degree, for shooting George Kidd, of the county on the 14th of April. Cremeans went to the house of Kidd, who was an old man, and asked to spend the night, and upon being refused, shot him with a shot gun.

The reports of the crime at the time states that Kidd’s young daughter was also shot in the leg. There was a belief that Cremeans intended criminal assault. He had the reputation of bad deeds and had recently been released from the penitentiary.

Cremeans fled from the scene of his murder of Kidd and ran into the arms of a posse sent out from Bluefield to intercept him. The desperado was taken so completely by surprise that, though he had his gun with him, there was no opportunity to use it. There was deep feeling against Cremeans, but he was hurried away to the jail at Pearisburg, in Giles county, where the crime was committed, and so strongly guarded that no demonstration was made against the prisoner.

The Times-Dispatch, Richmond, Va., 11 May 1905.

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