Hot Times on a Train

Conductor Arrests a Man While Pistols Flourish.

Yesterday while No. 15 was passing through Giles county, the sheriff, who was aboard, noticed among the passengers a man named Akers, for whom he had a capias. He called his deputy, a large strapping fellow, and together they advanced on Akers. The officers drew their pistols – the deputy having a young cannon for a weapon. Akers turned and saw them approaching and he pulled a gun. Then the passengers began to hide behind seats and others started for the door. The big deputy also ran. He didn’t stop until he was on the back end of the rear car. Conductor Reese Edmondson noticed the commotion and went into the smoking car and arrested Akers without trouble. The sheriff and his deputy are no, no doubt, filling Giles county full of the story of how they took the bad man.

Bluefield Daily Telegraph, 14 May 1902

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