Angel’s Rest Shook

Severe Earthquake Shock Felt in Giles County.

Big Mountain Trembled.

People, Aroused from Their Slumber, Rushed Outdoors.

Continuous Deep Rumbling.
The Noise Excited Great Alarm Among the Inhabitants Residing Near the Base of the Mountain – This is Not at All the First of the Shocks – Much Uneasiness Felt – Some of the Previous Shocks.

Pearisburg, Va. May 19. – (Special).

An earthquake of considerable severity was felt here Saturday night about 11 o’clock.

The shock was one of the longest ever experienced, in fact many people wondered if the rumblings ever would stop.

Fled to the Streets.

Many were aroused from the slumbers arose and went into their yards to look at the neighborhood mountain, Angel’s Rest, as if they expected to see it in violent eruption.

The Giles people have had their earthquakes with more or less frequence for five years and to say that they cause un-pleasant sensations expresses it mildly.

The Trouble in the Mountains.

The seem confined for the most part to the county of Giles, only the most severe being felt at any distance from here, and many of these living close to Angel’s Rest mountain, as the foot of which is situated the town of Pearisburg, say that all of these rumblings sound as is the seat of the trouble is in the mountain.

The earthquake of Saturday night seemed to occasion more than usual anxiety.

Richmond Dispatch, Richmond, Va., 20 May 1902.

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