West Virginia Claims 1877

The following people from West Virginia made successful claims that they furnished quartermaster stores or supplies to the Union Army during the Civil War. Each claimant was required, under the Act of 4 July 1864, to prove their case and this list, dated 17 January 1877, shows the names, residences and amounts approved by the Third Auditor and Second Comptroller since 7 December 1874. In some cases the auditor and comptroller did not agree and those will be shown on a separate list.

Number Claimant County Amount
42,225 John W. Rider, executor of William Rider  1,210.50
42,375 David Hess Berkeley County247.50
42,253 James W. Snyder Berkeley County1,610.10
40,247 John Wilson Berkeley County140.00
33,549 Susan Robins, executrix, and William M. Lemon, executor, of the last will and testament of C. K. Robins, deceased, late of Beverly County312.50
40,168 James W. Morrison Braxton County30.00
40,280 John L. Rhea Braxton County76.50
40,644 John M. Rece Cabell County657.59
40,002 Peter Babb, administrator of James P. Babb, deceased, late of (for quartermasters’ stores) Grant County80.20
39,597 Peter Babb, administrator of James P. Babb, deceased, late of (for commissary stores) Grant County339.72
39,707 James Iman Grant County135.00
42,243 John Michael Grant County70.80
42,138 Cyrus Welton Grant County1,459.50
40,304 George Yocum Grant County270.00
42,160 Benjamin F. Burns, administrator of the estate of Andrew Burns, deceased, late of Greenbrier County210.00
39,712 David Hedrick Greenbrier County1,951.00
39,722 Joseph Jarrett and A. F. Matthews, administrators of the estate of James Jarrett, deceased late of Greenbrier County6,412.50
32,528 Archibald Lewis, administrator of the estate of Rachel Bunger, deceased Greenbrier County487.50
39,713 William R. Livesay Greenbrier County610.00
39,711 Samuel C. Ludington Greenbrier County6,520.00
39,687 Samuel Bean Hardy County191.40
42,204 John W. Duffey Hardy County145.00
42,135 Gabriel Fox Hardy County565.00
39,719 William M. Randolph Hardy County467.80
39,702 William B. Stump, executor of the last will and testament of Alfred Stump, deceased, late of Hardy County250.00
39,984 Alfred Taylor, administrator of the real estate of M. D. Williams, deceased, late of Hardy County13.00
42,196 Joseph Clifford Harrison County100.00
42,388 David T. Hewes Harrison County21.00
38,882 Elias Yerkey Harrison County125.00
41,976 John M. Coyle, executor of the last will and testament of William Crow, deceased, late of Jefferson County198.75
42,473 William Green Jefferson County920.00
34,733 William House Jefferson County103.71
42,003 Lucy W. Packett Jefferson County1,900.00
42,307 A. D. Farley Kanawha County75.00
  John Hall, in his own right Mason County 
42,264 Samuel Arnold Mineral County868.00
39,688 Patrick Faherty Mineral County526.00
39,794 George Bible Pendleton County45.00
42,197 Laban Conrad Pendleton County2,836.75
40,220 Allen Dyer, administrator of the estate of Roger Dyer, deceased, late of Pendleton County265.00
40,220 Allen Dyer in his own right Pendleton County130.00
42,220 William McCoy Pendleton County205.00
42,423 J. W. D. McCarty Pocahontas County600.00
39,604 George Buckey Randolph County115.66
42,326 Adam Mouse Randolph County68.40
40,066 Harman Snyder Randolph County750.00
39,686 George Warner Upshur County104.01

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