Miscellaneous claims for furnishing supplies to the US Army during the Civil War

The following people made successful claims that they furnished quartermaster stores or supplies to the Union Army during the Civil War. Each claimant was required, under the Act of 4 July 1864, to prove their case and this list, dated 17 January 1877, shows the names, residences and amounts approved by the Third Auditor and Second Comptroller since 7 December 1874. In some cases the auditor and comptroller did not agree and those will be shown on a separate list.

Number Claimant County State Amount
  Jane Bell    1,539.79
40,494 William E. Hedrick, executor of the last will and testament of Solomon Hedrick, deceased    7.50
42,177 William McGill Dade County Georgia76.50
39,034 Matthew Randolph Hamilton County Illinois80.00
40,934 Andrew J. Dumford Lawrence County Illinois135.00
42,168 Zera Waters McLean County Illinois200.00
40,967 James P. Smith Ogle County Illinois125.00
41,958 John M. Onion Clark County Indiana985.00
34,205 Silas D. Whitney Furnas County Nebraska140.00
42,232 Thomas A. Tribble Clermont County Ohio140.00
  John Hall, as administrator of the estate of Isaac Behan, deceased late of Meigs County Ohio184.00
42,470 Daniel Snyder Bedford County Pennsylvania18.00
39,547 William K. Piper Blair County Pennsylvania230.40
39,940 Charles P. B. Jefferys Philadelphia Pennsylvania185.22
40,918 J. J. Moran Fairfax County Virginia300.00

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