District of Columbia Claims 1877

The following people from Washington, DC made successful claims that they furnished quartermaster stores or supplies to the Union Army during the Civil War. Each claimant was required, under the Act of 4 July 1864, to prove their case and this list, dated 17 January 1877, shows the names, residences and amounts approved by the Third Auditor and Second Comptroller since 7 December 1874. In some cases the auditor and comptroller did not agree and those will be shown on a separate list.

Number Claimant Amount
39,985      Ann M. Middleton, Elizabeth T. Berry, Mary E. L. Berry, Amelia O. Berry, Rosalie E. Berry, $20 each     100.00
40,438 John F. Chesley630.00
41,954 Joseph T. Jenkins97.28
42,455 Carlile P. Patterson, trustee of the estate of Catharine Pearson, deceased1,073.68
40,602 James F. Peerce95.00
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