31 August 1852 c. 114 10 Stat. 143

CHAP. CXIV.- An Act making further Provisions for the Satisfaction of Virginia Land Warrants.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That all unsatisfied outstanding military land-warrants or parts of warrants issued or allowed prior to the first day of March, eighteen hundred and fifty-two, by the proper authorities of the Commonwealth of Virginia, for military services performed by the officers and soldiers, seamen or marines, of the Virginia State and continental lines in the Army or Navy of the Revolution, may be surrendered to the Secretary of the Interior, who, upon being satisfied, by a revision of the proofs or by additional testimony, that any warrant thus surrendered was fairly and justly issued in pursuance of the laws of said Commonwealth, for military services so rendered, shall issue land scrip in favor of the present proprietors of any warrant thus surrendered, for the whole or any portion thereof yet unsatisfied, at the rate of one dollar and twenty-five cents for each acre mentioned in the warrant thus surrendered and which remains unsatisfied, which scrip shall be receivable in payment for any lands owned by the United States subject to sale at private entry; and said scrip shall, moreover, be assignable by indorsement attested by two witnesses. In issuing such scrip, the said Secretary is authorized, when there are more persons than one interested in the same warrant to issue to each person scrip for his or her portion of the warrant; and where infants or feme coverts may be entitled to any scrip, the guardian of the infant and the husband of the feme covert may receive and sell or locate the same. Provided, that no less than a legal subdivision shall be entered and paid for by the scrip issued in virtue of this act.

SEC. 2. And be[it] further enacted, That this act shall be taken as a full and final adjustment of all bounty-land claims to the officers and soldiers, seamen and marines of the State of Virginia, for services in the war of the Revolution: Provided, That the State of Virginia shall by a proper act of the legislature thereof relinquish all claim to the lands in the Virginia military land district in the State of Ohio.

SEC. 3. And be it further enacted, That in settling the claims of the State of Ohio, under the acts of March second, eighteen hundred and twenty-seven, and May twenty-fourth, eighteen hundred and twenty-eight, granting lands to said State for canal purposes, the same principles shall be acted upon as have been applied under the provisions of the act of May the ninth, eighteen hundred and forty-eight, entitled “An act in addition to an act therein mentioned,” for the settlement of the claims of the State of Indiana, accruing under the said act of March the second, eighteen hundred and twenty-seven.

APPROVED, August 31, 1852.

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