30 June 1834 c. 134 4 Stat. 714

CHAP. CXXXIV. – An Act concerning naval pensions, and the navy pension fund.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled, That all the provisions and benefits of the act of the twenty-eighth of June, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-two, entitled “An act further to extend the pension heretofore granted to the widows of persons killed, or who died in the naval service,” be continued for another term of five years to all those widows who have heretofore had the benefit of the same, and the same are hereby also extended to the widows of officers, seamen and marines, who have died in the naval service since the first day of January, one thousand eight hundred and twenty-four, or who may die in said service, by reason of disease contracted, or of casualties by drowning or otherwise, or of injuries received while in the line of their duty, and the pensions of such widows shall commence from the passage of this act: Provided, That every pension hereby granted shall cease on the death or marriage of such widow.

SEC. 2. And be it further enacted, That there be reimbursed to the navy pension fund, out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, the cost of the stock of the Bank of Columbia, heretofore purchased by the commissioners of the said fund, and which now remains unredeemed by the said bank, together with interest thereon from the period at which said bank ceased to pay interest, to the time of the reimbursement, herein directed to be made; and at the period of said reimbursement, the said stock shall be transferred by the Secretary of the Navy, to the treasurer of the United States.

APPROVED, June 30, 1834.

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