20 June 1878 c. 367 20 Stat. 243

CHAP. 367.- An act relating to claim agents and attorneys in pension cases

Be it enacted by the Senate and Souse of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, It shall be unlawful for any attorney, agent or other person to demand or receive for his services in a pension came a greater sum than ten dollars. No fee contract shall hereafter be filed with the Commissioner of Pensions in any case. In pending cases in which a fee contract has heretofore been filed, if the pension shall be allowed, the Commissioner of Pensions shall approve the same as to the amount of the fee to be paid at the amount specified in the contract. Sections forty-seven hundred and sixty-eight forty-seven hundred and sixty-nine and forty-seven hundred and eighty-six of the Revised Statutes shall not apply to any case or claim hereafter flied, nor to any pending claim in which the claimant has not been represented by an agent or attorney prior to the passage of this act.

SEC. 2. Section forty-seven hundred and eighty-five of the Revised Statutes is hereby repealed.

Approved, June 20, 1878.

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