Journals of the Continental Congress August 24, 1780

Resolved, That the officers of the line of the army, commanding corps, when in camp, be allowed to draw so many of the rations of provisions heretofore withheld, as the Commander in Chief, or the commander of a separate army, shall judge necessary; but that no provision be issued for back rations not drawn on the days they become due:

That if it shall appear that the subsistence money, allowed to officers in lieu of the rations withheld, is not equal to the cost of the rations, the deficiency shall hereafter be made up to them:

That the resolution of the 15 day of May, 1778, granting half-pay for seven years to the officers of the army who should continue in the service to the end of the war, be extended to the widows of those officers who have died, or shall hereafter die in the service; to commence from the time of such officer’s death, and continue for the term of seven years; or if there be no widow, or in case of her death or intermarriage, the said half pay be given to the orphan children of the officer dying as aforesaid, if he shall have left any; and that it be recommended to the legislatures of the respective states to which such officers belong, to make provision for paying the same, on account of the United States:

That the restricting clause in the resolution of the 15th of May, 1778, granting half-pay to the officers for seven years, expressed in these words, viz. “and not hold any office of profit under these states, or any of them,” be and hereby is repealed.

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