Journals of the Continental Congress Friday, May 15, 1778

Resolved, unanimously, That all military officers commissioned by Congress, who now are, or hereafter may be, in the service of the United States, and shall continue therein during the war, and shall not hold any office of profit under these states, or any of them, shall, after the conclusion of the war, be entitled to receive annually, for the term of seven years, if they live so long, one half of the present pay of such officers; provided, that no general officer of the cavalry, artillery or infantry shall be entitled to receive more than the one half part of the pay of a colonel of such corps respectively; and provided, that this resolution shall not extend to any officer in the service of the United States, unless he shall have taken an oath of allegiance to, and shall actually reside within some one of the United States.

Resolved, unanimously, That every non-commissioned military officer and soldier, who hath inlisted, or shall inlist, into the service of these states, for and during the war, and shall continue therein to the end thereof, shall be entitled to receive the further reward of eighty dollars at the expiration of the war.

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