US Army Dead, Missing and Liberated, 29 September 1945

Washington, D. C., Sept. 29 — New lists of army casualties and of personnel liberated from Japanese prison camps were made public by the war department today. The next of kin have been kept informed of any changes in the status of casualties since these reports were compiled, the war department said.

Listed here are the soldiers from Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin.

Army Dead: Pacific Regions

Name Next of Kin Address of Record
Pfc Allan S. Rabin Mother, Mrs. Lottie W. Rabin 534 S. Millard Ave., Chicago, IL

Army Dead: European Regions

Name Next of Kin Address of Record
TSgt Roy Horwitz Mother, Mrs. Ann Horwitz 4819 Keystone Ave., Chicago, IL
1st Lt Alfred J. Lagessie Jr. Wife, Mrs. Lula Anne Lagessie 709 Superior St., Merrill, WI
2d Lt Robert W. Sager Father, Edward E. Sager 620 E. North St., Appleton, WI

Army Missing: Pacific Regions

Name Next of Kin Address of Record
1st Lt Edwin E. Bodley Father, Edwin A. Bodley 4128 Homerlee Ave., East Chicago, IN

Liberated prisoners of war (Japan)

Name Next of Kin Address of Record
2d Lt Ted U. Hart Wife, Mrs. Charlotte M. Hart 930 S. Lyman St., Oak Park, IL
Sgt Lloyd R. Horsfall Father, Guy Horsfall Lancaster, WI
Cpl Donald D. Jensen Mother, Mrs. Ruth Jensen 1356 Washington Ave., Racine, WI
Cpl Richard F. Joder Father, William E. Joder 413 Monroe St., Gary, IN
Pfc Joseph J. Korczyk Father, Lawrence Korczyk 420 W. Harrison Ave., Lombard, IL
Cpl Clifton H. Lee Mother, Mrs. Nora Lee Decatur, IL
2d Lt Robert J. Leyrer Father, Joseph Edward Leyrer 252 S. Main St., Clintonville, WI
Pfc Morris W. McMillan Brother, Gerald McMillan 514 West St., Beaver Dam, WI
Cpl John L. Massimino Sister, Mrs. Iris Myers 640 Harrison St., Oak Park, IL
Pvt Clifford Monday Mother, Mrs. Emma Monday 331 W. Algoma St., Oshkosh, WI
Pfc Donald L. Moore Mother, Mrs. Jessie M. Moore 416 E. Ohio St., South Bend, IN
Cpl Carl S. Nordin Father, Fred Nordin Siren, WI
TSgt Andrew J. Oltz Mother, Mrs. Lillian Oltz 1627 S. 59th St., West Allis, WI
1st Lt Amiel L. Palermo Wife, Mrs. Luella Palermo 10836 S. Calumet Ave., Chicago, IL
Cpl Lowell E. Pursell Wife, Mrs. Lucy V. Pursell 6811 Paxton, Chicago, IL
Sgt Clarence H. Roeske Sister, Mrs. Erma Wicks 4361 Princeton Ave., Chicago, IL
Pvt Gunnar E. Sacson Father, Julius Sacson 1423 N. Central Ave., Chicago, IL
Pfc Paul L. Sarno Mother, Mrs. Virginia Sarno 4111 W. Congress St., Chicago, IL
Pfc Lester O. Watson Mother, Mrs. Minnie Florence Watson 908 St. Charles Rd., Maywood, IL
Pfc George J. Zerbis Mother, Mrs. Mary Zerbis 1978 Canalport Ave., Chicago, IL

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