US Army Dead and Liberated Prisoners of War, 30 September 1945

Washington, D. C., Sept. 30 — The war department today made public new casualty and liberated lists, which name those freed from prison camps under Japanese control. The next of kin have been kept informed of any changes in the status of casualties since the report was compiled.

Listed here are the soldiers from Illinois and Wisconsin.

Army Dead: European Regions

Name Next of Kin Address of Record
1st Lt Sidney G. Stitzer Father, George H. Stitzer Fennimore, WI
Pfc Donald J. Templeton Wife, Mrs. Barbara Templeton 1131 S. Linden Ave., Highland Park, IL

Liberated prisoners of war (Japan)

Name Next of Kin Address of Record
Major Allan M. Cory Brother, William N. Cory 925 W. Cuyler Ave., Chicago, IL
Pvt Stanley Czarnecki Mother, Mrs. Mary Czarnecki 721 W. Maple St., Milwaukee, WI
Pvt Stanton D. Emshoff Mother, Mrs. Wanda Emshoff 1022 W. Wells, St., Milwaukee, WI
Pvt Robert L. Hanson Mother, Mrs. May Egner McFarland, WI
Sgt Ray J. House Mother, Mrs. Rose House Onelda, WI
SSgt Joseph F. Johnson Mother, Mrs. Josephine Johnson 2039 Canalport Ave., Chicago, IL
2d Lt Henry M. Knox Mother, Mrs. Nina Ellen Knox Beloit, WI
Pvt Nicholas T. Mergen Father, Peter Mergen Glen Haven, WI
Pvt William H. Milne Mother, Mrs. Dorothy Ella Milne 21 W. 35th Pl., Steger, IL
Pfc Edward F. Nelson Mother, Mrs. Carrie Nelson Shell Lake, WI
Pvt Robert E. O’Donnell Father, Edward O’Donnell 256 W. 60th Pl., Chicago, IL

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