Theodore F. Golan – Individual Casualty Questionnaire by Lloyd W. Boling

File No 9355

Individual Casualty Questionnaire

Name of crew member: Golan, Theodore F.
Rank: Cpl
Serial Number: 36656501
Position: Crew (Bomber): WG

Did he bail out? No


If not, why not? saw him go down under flak

Last contact or conversation just prior to or at time of loss of plane: …

Was he injured? Killed

Where was he last seen? In shed at farmhouse

Any hearsay information: …

Source: …

Any explanation of his fate based in part or wholly on supposition: started to bail out of maint door and couldn’t get the door open and about that time another burst of flak and he went down. I [illeg] toward him and the plane exploded throwing me back in the tail

Total number of missions of above crew member: 1

Dates and destinations if possible: Oct 7, 1944 some small place in SE Germany

all these crew members 7 were killed by flak and the explosion of our aircraft abut 1400 Oct 7, 1944. This takes place about 5 kilometer west and a little north of the Munster airfield.
I saw eight men (counted them) and recognized part of them (which ones I cannot remember) I was told by a german officer that these men were my crew membersand was asked to count and recognise them so I would know they were killed. Part of them were beyond recognition. LWB

6-3861, AF

Missing Air Crew Report Number 9355, National Archives, College Park, MD.

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