Lloyd W. Boling – Casualty Questionnaire


1. Your name Lloyd W. Boling Rank S/Sgt Serial No. 17127210
Changed and I don’t rem.

2. Organization 305 Gp, 8th Air Force Gp Commander … Rank … Sqn CO … Rank …

3. What year 1944 month Oct day 7 did you go down?

4. What was the mission small town SE Germany, or close to, target …, target time 1130, altitude 26000 route scheduled …, route flown …

5. Where were you when you left formation? [answer illegible]

6. Did you bail out? Yes

7. Did other members of the crew bail out? Yes

8. Tell all you know about when, where, how each person in your aircraft for whom no individual questionnaire is attached bailed out. A crew list is attached. Please give facts. If you don’t know, say: “No Knowledge”.
Walter Cochran bailed out a short time before I did. I saw his parachute

9. Where did your aircraft strike the ground? about 1 mi S and 3 mi East of Munster airfield

10. What members of your crew were in the aircraft when it struck the ground? (Should cross check with 8 above and individual questionnaries)
all of the members except myself and Walter Cochran

11. Where were they in the aircraft? Positions (How would I know)

12. What was their condition?

13. When, where, and in what condition did you last see any members not already described above?
I saw all eight crew members who were killed in a small shed at a farmhouse

14. Please give any similar information on personnel of any other crew which you have knowledge. Indicate source of information …
(Any additional information may be written on the back).


Missing Air Crew Report Number 9355, National Archives, College Park, MD.

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