John M. Brown – Individual Casualty Questionnaire by Walter Cochran

File No 9355

Individual Casualty Questionnaire

Name of crew member: Brown, John M.
Rank: 2nd Lt
Serial Number: 0-556119
Position: Crew (Bomber): CP

Did he bail out? No


If not, why not? Ship exploded too soon

Last contact or conversation just prior to or at time of loss of plane: None

Was he injured? No

Where was he last seen? On the floor of the cockpit

Any hearsay information: …

Sources: …

Any explanation of his fate based in part or wholly on supposition: Was blown out in the blast

Total number of missions of above crew member: 13

Dates and destinations if possible: same as my own


Missing Air Crew Report Number 9355, National Archives, College Park, MD.

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