9th Infantry, 1st and 2nd July 1898

The following is a complete list of the killed, wounded and missing of the 9th US Infantry, Gen. Ewen’s Brigade, Gen. Kent’s division, in the fighting on 1st and 2nd July 1898.


Cpl John Joyce, Co H
Lt L. H. Lewis
Longway, Co B
Pvt R. Walker, Co A


Pvt Spicer, Co A


Cpl Adams, Co D
Pvt Caulfield, Co B
Pvt Colliton, Co H
Cpl Conmat, Co D
Pvt Connover, Co E
Pvt Craig, Co E
Pvt Dunford, Co C
Pvt Fargo, Co F
Cpl Gardner, Co H
Pvt Guiman, Co G
Pvt Henry, Co C
Pvt Isarber, Co H
Pvt Kelbor, Co G
Lt Lattimore, Co C
Pvt Leary, Co C
Pvt McCallister, Co C
Pvt Miller, Co D
Pvt Morchert, Co D
Cpl O’Reilly, Co B
Pvt Quick, Co C
Pvt Regan, Co G
Pvt Schemerhorn, Co D
Pvt Smith, Co H
Pvt Tryon, Co C
Pvt Weaver, Co H
Sgt Welch, Co G
Cpl Winter, Co F

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