24th Infantry, 1st, 2nd and 3rd July 1898

The following is a list of the killed and wounded of the 24th US Infantry, in the three days’ fighting before Santiago on 1st, 2nd and 3rd July 1898.


2d Lt John A. Gurney
2d Lt J. N. Augustin, Jr
Sgt Frank Banks
Sgt John H. Williams
Cpl R. W. Roberts
Cpl J. S. Moss
Cpl John Robinson
Cpl John R. Miller
Richard A. Bissell
Aleck Tuttle
Thomas Lidell
George A. Brown
Gus Hudson


Cpl Aaron Black
J. W. Wilson
Albert Causey
William G. Hutton
Charles E. Johnson
Edward G. Prather


Lt Col E. H. Liscum
1st Lt and QM Albert Laws
Capt A. C. Ducat
1st Lt H. G. Lyon
Capt J. J. Breereton
1st Lt James E. Brett
Sgt Mack Stanfield
Sgt M. H. Ellis
Sgt Stephen Starr
Sgt Rufus Elliot
Sgt A. Brown
Cpl William Tate
Cpl Jug W. Hall
Cpl Andrew Padgett
Cpl James Grimes
Cpl George D. Powell
Cpl Pat Keyer
Cpl George Porter
Cpl David Holden
Cpl James Ross
Cpl L. W. Washington
Cpl A. Hagen
Cpl John H. Dudley
Samuel Bridgewater
Pearl Boomseller
Harry Miller
Frank M. Hill
Charles F. Pope
George Baylor
Loney Moore
Benjamin Frazier
William Howard
John C. Zellars
Alex Morrow
Augustin Snoden
Thomas Davis
William Clark
Pierce G. Clinton
Benjamin J. Hardman
Richard Henderson
H. C. Newman
Albert Riddle
Thomas Swift
Winter Washington
Samuel Miller
Henry Butler
Joseph Butcher
James Davis
William Dene
A. L. Hummins
F. I. Williams
Pearl Jones
Charles H. Baker
C. F. Clay
R. M. Cleman
Eugene Crowder
Charles Hanes
P. H. Hammond
Gey F. Hilton
Jug S. Newman
Jug Rhedbor
James Pierce
William Taylor
Samuel Twover
John Lemax
George H. Hazzard
Henry A. Conaway
William Willis
Thomas Fitch
William A. Houston
Kirby Reed
Mason Robinson
William Johnson
Frank Hellems, musician

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