1st US Volunteer Cavalry, 1st, 2nd and 3rd July 1898

The following is a list of the killed and wounded of the 1st US Volunteer Cavalry, in the three days’ fighting before Santiago on 1st, 2nd and 3rd July 1898.


Capt W. O. O’Neil
1st Lt Fred Champlin
1st Lt Lewis Reynolds
1st Lt James Boyle
1st Lt C. B. Perry
Sgt H. H. Haywood
Sgt Miley Hendricks
Sgt William Santz
Cpl J. K. Hall
John Swetman
O. Norton
Dave Logne
Roy V. Cashius
Henry C. Greene
John F. Robinson


C. Cussin, trumpeter
James Cork, trumpeter


1st Lt Joseph A. Carr
Cadet Lt Haskell
2d Lt David J. Leahy
2d Lt H. K. Devereaux
1st Lt R. C. Day
Sgt W. W. Greenwood
Sgt James Greenly
Sgt Stephen Pate
Sgt Dan Hughes
Sgt Jerry Lee
Sgt Fred C. Wesley
Sgt Timothy Breen
Sgt Fred C. Myers
Sgt Henry H. Haywood
Sgt Walter Cash
Sgt John G. Adams
Sgt Cosby
Sgt Kinne D. Robinson
Sgt Deovir
Sgt William G. Simmons
Sgt Joe G. Kline
Sgt W. W. Carpenter
Sgt D. M. Bell
Sgt W. R. Reber
Sgt Rickets
Cpl Harry White
Cpl Henry Meagher
Cpl Henry H. Wynkoop
Cpl John Mullen
Cpl James Dean
Cpl Edwin C. Waller
Cpl M. Powers
Cpl W. Freeman
Cpl Sam Goldberg
Cpl A. F. Perry
Cpl D. G. Davis
Cpl J. J. Rogers
Cpl J. W. Davis
Cpl George Seaver
H. J. Wallor
C. B. Jackson
Edward O’Brien
Fred W. Bugber
Stanley Hollister
Hen Smith
Starr M. Wetmore, trumpeter
William Bailey
Warren E. Crocket
Thos. M. Holmes
Edward Johnson
F. W. Miller
R. L. McMillan
G. W. Detamore
John P. Hall
Otto Mauger
C. E. McKinley
J. W. McGregor
H. M. Gibbs
J. G. Winter
R. V. Clark
Winslow Clark
Louis Geor
Alvin C. Ash
John McSperran
Mason Mitchell
A. E. Scobey
F. R. McDonald, trumpeter
G. R. Eugart
Dick Oskison
O. E. Parker
B. V. Thompson
Dave Warford

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