Second Boer War Casualty Report, 24 October 1899

First Gloucester

Col. Wilford and 1 man was killed
Lieut. Hickie and 52 men were wounded
3 men are missing

Second Battery, Field Artillery

Lieut. Douglas was wounded

Fifty-third Battery, Field Artillery

Major Abdy was wounded
Lieut. Perreau was wounded
Lieut. Hobart was wounded

Nineteenth Hussars

1 man was killed
Lieut. Holford and 2 men were wounded

Fifth Lancers

1 man wounded


5 men wounded

First Devonshire Regiment

1 man killed
5 men wounded

Natal Volunteers, Carbineers

1 man killed
10 men wounded

Natal Mounted Rifles

2 men wounded

Border Mounted Rifles

2 men killed
10 men wounded

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