Philippine-American War Casualty Report, 2 May 1902

On May 5th 1902, General Chafee cabled the War Department the following casualties at the Battle of Bayan, Mindanao, 2 May 1902:


1st Lt Thomas A. Vickers, 27th US Inf
Pvt James J. McGrath, Co F, 27th Inf
Pvt William Lorens, Co G, 27th Inf
Pvt Charles Reynolds, Co G, 27th Inf
Pvt John Langdon, Co G, 27th Inf
Pvt Alfred J. Callahan
Pvt Frederick Cornell
Cpl Michael Golden
James J. Haley


Major R. S. Porter, surgeon, serious thigh wound. He entered the volunteer service as 1st Lt and surgeon 2nd Illinois Infantry in 1898.
Capt James T. Moore, serious head wound. He was born in Connecticut and appointed to the Military Academy from Michigan in 1888.
2d Lt Albert L. Johnson, severe lung wound
1st Lt Henry S. Wagner, serious wounds to leg and abdomen. It was later reported that his adbomen may not have been penetrated. He was the son of Gen. Louis Wagner of Philadelphia.
Sgt John Wheaton, Co F, 27th Inf., serious thigh wound
Sgt Eugene L. McCarthy, serious thigh wound
Cpl Henry G. Millington, moderate wound
Frank A. Perry, severe lung wound
John Brady, cook, serious shoulder wound
Arthur Smith, severe lung wound
Walter F. Cammers, severe arm wound
Everett E. Marshall, moderate leg wound above knee
Charley Cobb, serious arm wound
Floyd Croff, moderate leg wound above knee
Robert McCormick, servere
Edward W. Blair, Co H, 27th Inf., serious wounds to arm and legs
John O’Donnell, serious shoulder and thigh wounds
QMSgt George J. Beckley, Co E, 27th Inf., slight cheek wound
William H. Brogan, serious thigh wound
William Brown, serious leg wound above knee
George A. DeCarr, Co G, 27th Inf., serious leg wound above knee
John Sullivan, slight hand wound
William H. Winn, moderate arm wound
Joseph A. Adams, slight face wound
Battalion Sgt Major Albert H. Ingold, severe elbow wound
Otto P. Avick, moderate hand wound
Claude Damon, moderate leg wound, above knee
Walter H. Eldridge, slight foot wound
James P. Smith, slight back wound
Fred Cross, moderate hand wound
John Daley, serious wounds to arms
Hermidas Viola, serious hand wound
Peter Sullivan, Co B, 27th Inf., serious leg wound above knee
Joseph Lyons, serious shoulder wound
Herbert Chatterton, slight leg wound above knee
Six other enlisted men were reported wounded, but not named.

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