Philippine-American War Casualty Report, 16 October 1901

On 19 October 1901, General Chafee cabled the War Department the following casualties from Co E, 9th Infantry in the engagement with bolomen on the Candara River, Island of Samar on Wednesday 16 October 1901.


George Teachant
William H. Ritchie
Edward F. Burns
Carl M. Johnson
William Loftin
Jack Pleoplis
Charley Wilson
Orville J. Dromgoole

Died from Wounds Received in Action

1st Sgt William F. Gormley
John P. Kelly


Martin G. Lyons, serious wound lung and back
Robert L. Hampton, serious wound lung and skull
Jack M. Russell, serious thigh wound
Henry Stierle, serious cheek wound
Eugene Dewitt, serious thigh wound
Frank McAndrew, slight wound back of head
Musician Charles W. Buck, slight shoulder wound

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