The Ruffin Plantation

Graves found on the Ruffin Plantation, one mile north of Meade Station, and east of the Rail-Road.

John Sheridan, B, 4th N. Y. Art.
R. Hane, F, 155th N. Y.
W. Nash, E, 8th N. Y.
Fred. Pennel, I, 19th Maine.
Robt. Medowes, E, 170th N. Y.
I. Allen, D, 155th N. Y.
Sergt. T. Wilson, A, 155th N. Y.
Corp. E. Jones, A, 170th N. Y.
Sergt. Geo. Chambers, C, 72d Pennsylvania.
A. Burns, I, 164th N. Y. Art.
Corp. P. Musgrave, I, 1st Mass. Art.
Corp. I. Murphy, C, 155th N. Y.
Sergt. I. Welch. E, 170th N. Y.
Ruben Carlon, E, 19th Maine.
John Wiley, A, 155th N. Y.
John Matthews, E, 170th N. Y.
Harvey Dunham, L, 8th N. Y. Art.
John Bailey, F, 108th N. Y.
Asa Smith, H, 4th N. Y. Art.
Isaac Peck, A, 8th N. Y. Art.
Edward Lyke, H, 4th N. Y. Art.
Corp. W. Kelley, A, 15th Mass.
John Aker, B, 4th N. Y. Art.
Adolph Wolfran, B, 20th Mass.
Darvan Cole, C, 36th Wisconsin.
Sergt. S. Edwards, E, 8th Ohio.
James Steward, D, 155th N. Y.
Elias Condo, F, 184th Pennsylvania.
Joseph Liberty, E, 1st Mass.
H. Allen, K, 8th N. Y. Art.
Wm. Duffey, D, 155th N. Y.
Sergt. C. Williams, H, 69th Pennsylvania.
Thos. Atkins, E, 155th N. Y.
H. McFarlan, D, 69th N. Y.
Corp. I. Staysa, B, 184th Pennsylvania.
Pat. Sheridan, A, 69th N. Y.
Corp. R. McClore, C, 164th N. Y.
Lein O’Connell, K, 155th N. Y.
Lieut. Samuel Gilbreth, 1st Co., S. S. 20th Mass.
Lieut. Elias F. Gallaway, K, 36th Wis.
Wm. Bentley, F, 4th N. Y. Art.
Patrick McKeen, H, 170th N. Y.
Corp. Ern. Myers, D, 7th Virginia.
Mat. Bittles, K, 36th Wisconsin.
John Vanoute, F, 4th N. Y.

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