Oakland Cemetery

The following list of names was obtained by Rev. J. B. Clark, from boards in Oakwood Cemetery. Lot on top of the hill.

Capt. H. J. Biddle Maj. Gen. McCall’s Div. U. S.
M. G. Baker New York
Chas. Jin__ Mich.
C. M. Walker Co. A 7th U. S.
E. H. Smith Co. A 7th Mich.
Cpl. W. M. Asnew Co. I 140th Pa.
G. C. Milky Co. F 137th N. Y.
J. Kileneed Co. D 27th Ct.
Wm. Thim__ 12
P. Wittmer__
N. C. T.
2d Lt. J. B. King Co. G 10th N. Y.
D. Thornton 15th N. Y.
Lt. J. T. Jenkins 154th N. Y.
A. W. Scott
Cpl. Isaac I. Danenhower Co. M 18th Pa. Cav.
Q. H. Rix
Z. M. Patton
Jno. Mason
W. Bartholomew
J. Summer 7th Mich.
A. Harris Co. D 48th N. Y.
H. L. Hayes 110th Ohio
F. Koering 74th Pa.
J. Hunter 2nd N. Y.
B. Rowe 16th Mich.
J. Folz Penn.
A. R. Greller
G. Iris
Lt. J. T. Kitchem
W. Body Cp. K 99th Pa.
M. Hogerson
H. W. Tres__
B. Cossin
B. Garrith
A. Wise
A. McCluney
H. Frank
C. G. Elliott
Spencer Deaton
Jno. Johnson
H. Hensley
Hugh Conner 1st Engineers
Jno. Huney
__ Goodhue 6th Maine
P. Waltch
M. Cross 3rd Mich.
J. P. Hutchins
H. Bell 1st Engineers

Records of the Federal Dead Buried From Libby, Belle Isle, Danville & Camp Lawton Prisons and at City Point, and in the Field before Petersburg and Richmond.

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