City Point List, Near Thomas Lepsey’s House

John Crowley Co. E 189th N. Y.
Wallace Corham Co. B 118th N. Y.
__ Shider
Wm. B. Conaver Co. G 2nd Pa. Art.
Daniel Perkins Co. F 8th Maine
James Rutley Co. C 142nd N. Y.
Clinton Stratton Co. I 118th N. Y.
Albert Atwood Co. K 4th N. H.
James Dalley Co. E 169th N. Y.
John C. E. Benudetz
J. D. Otis Co. D 10th N. Y. Art.
Edward Carroll Co. H 10th N. Y. Art.
Nelson Clennents Co. H 169th N. Y.
D. C. Clark Co. K 188th Pennsylvania
Lewis Hiny Co. J 96th N. Y.
M. Kelly Co. I 188th Pennsylvania
J. H. Cole Co. I 115th N. Y.
Louis Byron Co. C 169th N. Y.
Geo. Asobson Co. H 22nd Conn. C. T.
Samuel Peabody Co. F 9th Maine
Henry F. Williams Co. D 1st Conn. Art.
Jesse Harvey Co. G 76th Pennsylvania
Geo. W. Ryeson Co. F 9th Maine
Geo. Jenkins Co. F 25th Mass.
J. Lamklerer Co. D 5th U.S.C.T.
James Thomas Co. E 22nd U.S.C.T.
Daniel Jackson Co. K __ U.S.C.T.
Cyrus Westcott Co. F 118th N. Y.
Samuel Hair Co. I 98th N. Y.
Aaron Wade 10th N. Y.
Daniel Goward
Elias B. Smith Co. I 10th N. Y. Art.
Patrick Farrett Co. G 25th Mass.
Wm. M. Pinkham Co. D 8th Maine
Henry Crane 16th U.S.C.T.
James Winchester Co. G 4th U. S.
Chas. Shushell Co. H 98th N. Y.
Geo. Sprouts Co. F 188th Pennsylvania
Corp. David Webber Co. G 12th N. Y.
Moses Cummings Co. D 98th N. Y.
John H. Bird Co. H 3rd N. Y. Art.
J. H. Robinson Co. C __ N. J.
Samuel Rogers Co. F 38th U. S.
Davy Wilson 4th U.S.C.T.
Wm. Harris Co. A 10th N. Y.
John Tart Co. B 118th N. Y.
Henry Neigonfind Co. F 19th Wis.
John Dougherty Co. E 8th Conn.
Henry N. Loomis Co. H 21st Conn.
Henry D. Armalar Co. D 27th Mass
Chas. Hendig Co. C 37th U. S.
Jacob Winfield Co. F
Wm. Jones C. H 22nd U.S.C.T.
Thos. Malcom Co. E 21st Mass
S. W. Abbott Co. G 23rd Mass
Wm. D. Little drummer 12th N. H.
O. Foster Co. E 58th Pennsylvania
Geo. Lutton Co. K 112th N. Y.
J. Wilson Co. G 4th U.S.C.T.
C. B. King Co. B 58th Pennsylvania
R. Whitehall Co. K 22nd U.S.C.T.
P. Bush Co. K 22nd U.S.C.T.
Chas. Golding 6th U.S.C.T.
S. Stewart Co. G 4th U.S.C.T.
__ Taylor Co. D 22nd U.S.C.T.
P. F. Fox Co. C 10th N. H.
Lewis Osborne Co. G 139th N. Y.
David Breah Co. K 118th N. Y.
Geo. Hanno Co. C 9th N. J.
Geo. W. Smith Co. F 89th N. Y.
Daniel Jeffers Co. B 8th Conn.
Elbridge A. Mirim “?” E 23rd Mass
Frank Petollo Co. E 4th Mass. Cav.
Geo. Handslan C. H 139th Pennsylvania
Jas. A. Grover Co. I 81st N. Y.
Samuel Street Co. A 19th __
Jacob Shoff Co. C 188th Pennsylvania
Wm. Roberts Co. A 22nd U.S.C.T.
Wm. E. Glover 115th or 25th N. Y.
Ferdinand Shilling Co. D 9th N. J.
Thos. Patten Co. B 118th Pennsylvania
Wm. Reihsnider Co. B 55th Pennsylvania
Geo. Denton Co. G 22nd U.S.C.T.
John Ross Co. I 22nd U.S.C.T.
W. H. Atwood Co. K 96th N. Y.
Jas. Hagon Co. G 76th Pennsylvania
Wm. Debout Co. C 142nd Ohio
J. B. Stoplin Co. B 10th N. Y.
W. G. Butler Co. G 19th Wis.
Jas. Myers Co. K 29th Conn.
Geo. W. Smith Co. C 29th Conn.
John Kedont Co. A 7th U.S.C.T.
Harison Mines 22nd U.S.C.T.
Murray Higgins 7th U.S.C.T.
Chas. Fields Co. C 5th U.S.C.T.
Corp. L. Beal Co. D 9th Mass
Henry Barker Co. H 4th U.S.C.T.
Abram Sulud or Sneud Co. D 22nd U.S.C.T.
Chas Sportes Co. A
Samuel L. Sherman Co. B 21st Mass
Wm. Hutchinson Co. B 9th Maine
Thos. Fremble Co. K 96th N. Y.
G. S. Siebrecht Co. A 2nd Pa. H. A.
Lawrence Shields Co. B 76th Pennsylvania
Edward Delmore Co. D 6th U.S.C.T.
Fred Humphrey Co. K 1st U.S.C.T.
S. C. Harding Co. H 10th N. Y.
Geo. Rickett Co. E 10th N. Y.
L. Bundy Co. D 1st N.Y.M.R.
Freeman Bain Co. G 142nd N. Y.
E. W. Zaner Co. B 55th Pennsylvania
Nathan H. Pierson Co. H 81st N. Y.
Henry Beder Co. K 76th Pennsylvania
W. H. Silvers Co. A 9th N. J.
Smith L. Peacock Co. K 112th N. Y.
J. D. Fretby Co. H 76th Pennsylvania
Sergt. J. W. Carson Co. D 2nd N. Y.
S. G. Smith Co. E 148th N. Y.
Levi C. Eames Co. D 25th Mass.
Albert Heimstead Co. E 3rd N. Y. Art.
Thos. J. armstrong Co. H 16th N.Y.H.A.
Edmond Lyon Co. F 11th Conn.
John I. Messer Co. E 10th N. H.

Records of the Federal Dead Buried From Libby, Belle Isle, Danville & Camp Lawton Prisons and at City Point, and in the Field before Petersburg and Richmond.

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  1. Thomas Rowland says:

    I am trying to locate where the Thomas Lepseys house was located. Would you be able to give me this info or at least send me somewhere that might have it? My relative is named Smith Dings and he was buried there before being moved to City Point Cemetery. I appreciate any help you are able to give me.

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