City Point – Depot Field Hospital

City Point.
Depot Field Hospital.

The following named are buried in the cemetery at the Depot Field Hospital, City Point, Va.:-

Graves all well marked. List complete.

J. Fields.
C. North, K, 60th Ohio.
D. Potter, F, 20th Massachusetts.
H. Vanderhird, M, 2nd New York M. R.
L. Spencer, G, 9th New Hampshire.
E. C. Dyke, H, 17th Vermont.
J. Bailey, G, 179th New York.
C. Bronlingan, G, 58th Massachusetts.
G. W. Jones, B, 179th New York.
C. Hager, 48th Pennsylvania.
G. Gorden, B, 37th Wisconsin.
J. Crowl, E, 109th New York.
E. Scott, H, 17th Michigan.
J. Vacht, D, 2nd Pennsylvania Artillery.
T. Johnson, D, 109th New York.
J. Clarkson, D, 51st New York.
J. Hascall, F, 58th Massachusetts.
C. Cary, 2nd Maryland.
H. Cross, C, 24th New York.
G. Averil, K, 109th New York.
W. Hill, E, 38th Wisconsin.
J. Ortell, H, 46th New York.
W. Cook, I, 37th Wisconsin.
M. Weaver, 59th New York.
S. Wilcox, I, 37th Wisconsin.
J. Wright, A, 38th Wisconsin.
J. Kramer, A, 2nd Maryland.
J. Foster, K, 179th New York.
J. Cady, H, 2nd Pennsylvania Artillery.
M. Wouldridge, K, 23rd New York.
J. J. Taylor, B, 58th Massachusetts.
J. M. Cullins, F, 9th New York Heavy Artillery.
J. Walker
B. Carpenter, K, 5th Wiscosin.
Levi Pegt, I, 15th New Jersey.
J. B. Schermerhorn, A, 106th New York.
W. Wilson, E, 2nd Vermont.
G. Stafford, F, 49th Pennsylvania.
H. Mitchell, 98th Pennsylvania.
J. Smith, Naval bat.
M. Sherman, 1st Vermont Heavy Artillery.
T. J. partridge, H, 37th Massachusetts.
B. Gedrich, D, 67th Pennsylvania.
T. Messer, H, 10th Vermont.
E. Waldrum, B. 10th Vermont.
P. Boylan, G, 40th New York.
J. Fletcher, 166th New York.
A. A. Campbell, F, 1st South Carolina.
J. Osborn, F, 6th maryland.
J. Nelovis, D, 75th Pennsylvania.
J. McGuire, G, 87th Pennsylvania.
J. Erhart, H, 119th Pennsylvania.
P. Miller, A, 9th New York Artllery.
C. Snyder, K, 9th New York Heavy Artillery.
W. Cook, K, 2nd Connecticut Artillery.
G. Sharps, G, 71st Pennsylvania.
George Stahl, G, 61st Pennsylvania.
George Beoins, D, 77th New York.
J. M. Meyers, F, 5th Wisconsin.
D. Sullivan, 10th New Jersey.
Charlas Riley, F, 9th New York Heavy Artillery.
L. Gloughlin, 1st Main V. V.
B. Readingler, 93rd Pennsylvania.
W. Reeghard, G, 67th Pennsylvania.
J. Fitzsimmons, D, 102nd Pennsylvania.
E. Martin, D, 5th Wisconsin.
Wm. Oliver, 5th Vermont.
J. Gavron, H, 93rd Pennsylvania.
1st Lieut. F. B. Hunter, 1st Maine.
1st Lieut. H. Saulbrig, I, 98th Pennsylvania.
J. Beirce, B, 98th Pennsylvania.
H. Eppauline, D, 1st New York Engineers.
C. Benson.
F. Wambyer, F, 41st New York.
N. Rugg, I, 3rd Vermont.
A. Rhodes.
N. Cray, I, 122nd Ohio.
C. Miller.
C. A. Barpee, K, 5th Wisconsin.
A. Bailey, A, 1st Michigan S. S.
A. M. Rese, A, 1st Maine S. S.
A. Keller.
John Noyes.
C. Carr, 60th New York.

Records of the Federal Dead Buried From Libby, Belle Isle, Danville & Camp Lawton Prisons and at City Point, and in the Field before Petersburg and Richmond.

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