City Point, Cavalry Corps Cemetery

Names of persons buried in Cavalry Corps Cemetery at City Point, Va.

Graves well marked. List complete.

A. Y. Graham, M, 17th Pa. Cav.
Thos. Foley, B, 6th Ohio Cav.
J. D. Foders, A, 18th Pa. Cav.
D. Stevenson, C, 1st N. H. Cav.
C. P. Howard, E, 10th N. Y. Cav.
J. Ballinger, C, 13th S. C. Infantry.
B. Quigley, A, 1st Mass. Cav.
J. W. Milton, A, 11th Pa. Cav.
M. Telyea, D, 10th N. Y. Cav.
C. O. Thompson, D, 6th Ohio Cav.
Lieut. W. H. Bradman, M, 1st Maine Cav.
H. S. Janvrin, I, 1st Mass. Cav.
D. McCarty, K, 1st N. J. Cav.
J. H. Miller, B, 11th Pa. Cav.
W. Hubbard, K, 1st N. J. Cav.
H. Haight, B, 8th Pa. Cav.
J. Conaman, M, 2d Pa. Cav.
J. Jacobs, C, 20th S. C. Infantry.
W. S. Farris, F, 1st Maine Cav.
Geo. Gould, D, 16th Pa. Cav.
W. Sourwine, E, 10th N. Y. Cav.
S. R. Booland, L, 16th Pa. Cav.
Richard Ansel, B, 5th U. S. Cav.
R. Clements, L, 24th N. Y. Cav.
F. Kramer, C, 3rd U. S. Cav.
J. H. Ferguson, C, 4th S. C. Cav.
D. R. Elsington, E, 1st N. C. Infantry.
Jas. Craft, D, 12th S. C. Infantry.
J. Stone, E, 1st S. C. Infantry.
Wm. Onweller, B, 6th Mich. Cav.
A. Tuick, A, 16th Pa. Cav.
H. S. Sams, F, 1st N. J. Cav.
J. W. White, L, 2d U. S. Cav.
M. Sargent, I, 1st Vt. Cav.
G. Taylor, I, 1st Mass. Cav.
W. Kern, M, 1st N. J. Cav.
Jas. Long, C, 5th Mich. Cav.
J. McCallister, B, 1st Maine Cav.
G. M. Harris, M, 1st N. H. Cav.
E. D. Kending, E, 21st Pa. Cav.
H. Groff, G, 21st Pa. Cav.
G. C. Besse, K, 1st Maine Cav.
G. Philipson, G, 1st N. J. Cav.
J. Ratwell, E, 16th Pa. Cav.
J. Brownsaugh.
W. D. Taylor, C, 4th Pa. Cav.
C. S. King, L, 4th Pa. Cav.
W. H. Bollinger, I, 21st Pa. Cav.
Wm. Collins, K, 1st Mass. Cav.
J. DeWolffe, K, 1st Conn. Cav.
J. Thomas, M, 6th Ohio Cav.
L. Green, M, 6th Mich. Cav.
Henry A. Reed, E, 7th Mich. Cav.
J. Bunting, I, 4th Mass. Cav.
B. F. Critenden, M, 10th N. Y. Cav.
S. L. Shater, I, 8th N. Y. Cav.
J. Glancy, I, 2d Pa. Cav.
F. G. Armstrong, G, 6th Mich. Cav.
M. Kiger, E, 1st N. J. Cav.
H. Sommermuir, I, 15th N. Y. Cav.
E. O. Rice, B, 10th N. Y. Cav.
L. J. Peck, C, 6th Mich. Cav.
E. F. Sisco, I, 4th Pa. Cav.
F. A. G. Hall, C, 1st R. I. Cav.
Wm. Nrame, – 1st Pa. Cav.
S. J. Jenkins, B, 2d Pa. Cav.
G. Hart, A, 1st Conn. Cav.
J. Coup, K, 1st Pa. Cav.
J. T. Cook, K, 2d N. Y. Cav.
G. Campbell, E, 6th Ohio Cav.
T. D. Hance, K, 3d N. Y. Cav.
J. Auger (Citizen.)
J. Seebach, B, 13th Pa. Cav.
S. McNaspy, D, 13th Pa. Cav.
B. M. Tibbets, D, 1st D. C. Cav.
A. L. West, C, 1st N. J. Cav.
M. T. Naugle, F, 5th Pa. Cav.
J. E. Rood, A, 1st N. Y. Dragoon.
David Way, K, 6th Mich. Cav.
M. D. Bossard, L, 2d Pa. Cav.
T. Tulley, A, 11th Pa. Cav.
C. H. Robinson, F, 1st D. C. Cav.
J. Smith, I, 4th Pa. Cav.
H. H. Ware, E, 2d Pa. Cav.
I. B. Conant, C, 1st Maine Cav.
Lieut E. Greenfield, – 1st Pa. Rifles.
Maj. G. M. Crawford.
P. Kremer, L, 16th Pa. Cav.
F. Brice, K, 16th Pa. Cav.
W. O. Haruret, G, 1st Va. Infantry.
P. S. Sides, K, 35th N. C. Infantry.
E. Comstock, E, 1st U. S. Cav.
Lieut. O. S. Mathews, A, 11th Pa. Cav.
A. Nicholy, A, 21st Pa. Cav.
D. Myers, A, 21st Pa. Cav.
J. Donlon, A, 2nd N. Y. Cav.
T. Grucyr, E, 10th N. Y. Cav.
P. Quin, – 10th N. Y. Cav.
Benj. Denson, G, 1st Del. Cav.
T. Welsh, F, 2d Pa. Cav.
F. LaDuke, I, 24th N. Y. Cav.
C. O. Reed, B, 4th Pa. Cav.
Augustus Dearbeau, D, 24th N. Y. Cav.
C. E. Dearborn, K, 1st Maine Cav.
P. Downs, F, 10th N. Y. Cav.
J. Bevins, M, 21st Pa. Cav.
J. Cochran, E, 2nd Va. Cav.
W. Ward, M, 21st Pa. Cav.
Lieut. J. A. Welton, K, 4th Pa. Cav.
J. Madill, L, 2nd N. Y. M. R.
B. Bumcrantz, M, 10th N. Y. Cav.
J. Duncan, H, 4th Pa. Cav.
W. Wilson, B, 8th Pa. Cav.
C. Millinger, A, 2d Ohio Cav.
B. Munson, B, 13th Ohio Cav.
G. Berwick, B, 8th Pa. Cav.
J. Pike, L, 4th Pa. Cav.
A. S. Nichols.
Thos. O. Brien, A, 1st N. J. Cav.
Henry Bartstuff, M, 16th Pa. Cav.
J. B. Fox, G, 4th Pa. Cav.
J. R. Getschell, D, 1st D. C. Cav.
G. Tracy, 2d U. S. Battery.
S. Parker, E, 2d Pa. Cav.
E. S. Girt, E, 4th Pa. Cav.
E. S. Girt, E. 2d Pa. Cav.
W. Cocks, – 6th Ohio Cav.
J. Shan, G, 21st Pa. Cav.
L. H. McQuistion, C, 4th Pa. Cav.
J. Zimmerman, A, 13th Pa. Cav.
A. Gloze, A, 13th Pa. Cav.
L. Emmons, C, 6th Ohio Cav.
B. Warren, E, 1st Maine Cav.
G. Stevenson, K, 8th Pa. Cav.
J. H. Rhodes, A, 16th Pa. Cav.
W. C. Reedy, B, 14th Pa. Cav.
J. Hill, H, 16th Pa. Cav.
R. C. Lewis, D, 1st Pa. Cav.
J. Stearns, C, 8th N. Y. Cav.
S. W. Lane, L, 10th N. Y. Cav.
W. W. Pope, K, 4th Pa. Cav.
W. Leach, K, 10th N. Y. Cav.
J. A. Little, C, 28th N. C. Infantry.
C. Climan, B, 1st N. J. Cav.
P. Decker, K, 1st N. J. Cav.
C. Carny, K, 6th Ohio Cav.
P. H. McArdle, H, 4th Pa. Cav.
R. Brady, I, 2d Pa. Cav.
J. Dunninge, F, 6th Ohio Cav.
L. Randall, A, – N. Y. M. R.
H. Harlan, K, 4th Pa. Cav.
Sergt. W. F. Lent, E, 1st Pa. Cav.
J. B. Johnson, I, 1st Maine Cav.
C. P. Hubbard, I. 1st Maine Cav.
F. Brown, D, 1st Maine Cav.
R. Kendrick, K, 1st Maine Cav.
W. M. Platt, C, 5th S. C.
P. Seigel, H, 2d Pa. Cav.
G. W. Reed, 1st S. C. Rifles.
J. F. Cook, 15th N. Y.
D. McCarty, K, 5th U. S. Cav.
G. W. Stallman, A, 4th Pa. Cav.

Records of the Federal Dead Buried From Libby, Belle Isle, Danville & Camp Lawton Prisons and at City Point, and in the Field before Petersburg and Richmond.

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