Between Fort “Hell” and Fort Rice, east of Breast Works

John Ralmstine, I, 184th Pennsylvania.
Corp I. A. Darnel, C, 20th Indiana.
Jacob James, H, 20th Indiana.
F. M. Waggoner, B, 20th Indiana.
Michael Heafey, B, 20th Indiana.
Z. Craiger, F, 20th Indiana.
Sergt. Robt. Deyo, B, 20th Indiana.
I. D. Stininger, I, 184th Pennsylvania.
A. Bush, G, 40th N. Y.
John Dunlan, I, 73d N. Y.
Frederick Cook, G, 17th Maine.
C. L. Miller, I, 17th Maine.
Capt. A. C. Gammon, F, 17th Maine.

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