National Guard New York Sharpshooters 13 October 1900

The following soldiers of the National Guard New York (N.G.N.Y.) qualified as sharpshooters at the Creedmoor range on 13 October 1900.

7th Regiment

R. S. Rutherford, Co G
W. W. Wright, Co C
P. W. Doll, Co E
W. B. Hopping, Co G
C. N. Jones, Co G
Cpl B. W. Wenman, Co I
H. W. Baker, Co E
Sgt J. C. De Mille, Co E
1st Sgt H. B. Turner, Jr, Co F
M. Scudder, Co K
T. W. Lloyd, Co K
C. L. McClave, Co B
J. A. Smith, Jr, Co G
W. Keil, Co H
Lt O. M. Beach, Jr, Co B
H. H. Meeder, Co A
Cpl E. A. Howland, Co G

8th Regiment

Cpl C. Heisler, Co C

9th Regiment

Sgt F. M. Piskors, Co B

12th Regiment

F. A. McCabe, Co A
C. C. Mendell, C B
F. Clawson, Co E
Cpl T. J. Kelly, Co G
J. Egan, Co H
Sgt G. W. Harris, Co H
Capt C. H. Catherwood
Sgt I. S. Martin, Co D
E. McAlarney, Co B
A. Auman, Co E
J. J. Gahan, Co C
Cpl C. E. Torrance, Co C
Cpl J. A. Harney, Co F
Lt W. S. Whitehead, Co A
J. W. Johnston, Co I
Lt J. M. Knapp

13th Regiment

Maj H. P. De Forest
S. C. Lapidge, Co K
Capt J. P. Warbasse
Cpl L. C. Mulliken, Co M
Cpl G. H. Kemp, Co L

14th Regiment

Capt H. Claus
S. Newell, Co H
Lt C. F. Holm, Co A

22nd Regiment

S. Gray, Co K
J. W. Masterson, Co C
Capt R. O. Hanbold, Co B
G. G. Triningham, Co I
R. H. Schenck, Co D
C. Mauer, Co I

23rd Regiment

Cpl R. V. Bates, Co G
Cpl L. H. Conklin, Co G
Sgt H. G. Gosman, Co E
J. E. Gassin, Co E
C. W. Lediard, Co E
Cpl J. R. Sawyer, Co G

47th Regiment

Capt E. E. Jannicky, Co B

17th Separate Co

Sgt R. H. Brown

71st Regiment

Cpl J. Norris, Co I
Cpl R. J. Baumann, Co K
C. J. McGratty, Co B
R. S. Carman, Co B
Cpl W. B. Clarke, Co B

1st Naval Battalion

Ensign R. T. Maguire, 2d Div
A. V. R. Burnell, 4th Div
1st Gun Capt C. R. Carter, 4th Div
H. Slack, 2d Div

2nd Naval Battalion

2nd Gun Capt F. W. Perry, 1st Div
W. H. Smith, 1st Div

Troop C

Sgt G. H. Weymouth
T. H. Egan

Squadron A

Cpl P. Watson, Troop 3


Capt H. H. Skinner
Capt C. H. Hoyt
Capt F. W. Timpson

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