Squadron A National Guard New York Sharpshooters and Marksmen 7 August 1897

The following soldiers of Squadron A National Guard New York (N.G.N.Y.) qualified as sharpshooters and marksmen at the Creedmoor range on 7 August 1897.


Lt R. H. Sayre (qualified with a pistol)
Capt L. G. Reed, Troop 3
Pvt W. W. Seymour, Troop 2
Capt H. G. Badgley, Troop 2
Pvt A. A. Robbins, Troop 1
Pvt W. F. Smith, Troop 1
Sgt J. T. Davies, Jr., Troop 3


1st Sgt J. S. Frelinghuysen, Troop 3
Cpl J. N. Stearns, Troop 3
Cpl E. C. Moen, Troop 2
Pvt H. Thomas, Troop 1
Pvt R. M. Lloyd, Troop 1
Pvt H. B. Cannon, Troop 3
Pvt J. H. Iselin, Troop 3
Pvt F. S. Rollins, Troop 2
Pvt J. A. Bates, Troop 2
Pvt W. Patterson, Troop 1
Pvt D. J. De Ferran
Pvt A. C. Smith, Troop 3
Pvt W. L. Beadleston, Troop 3
Pvt P. J. Wurts, Troop 3
Pvt R. F. Manning, Troop 3
Pvt B. W. Schwab, Troop 3
Pvt H. G. Sanford, Troop 3
Pvt J. S. Hill, Troop 2
Pvt J. Quimby, Jr., Troop3
Pvt H. W. Fay, Troop 2
Pvt F. W. Cheeseborough, Troop 1
Pvt G. W. Brown, Troop 3

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