8th Regiment National Guard New York Sharpshooters and Marksmen 7 August 1897

The following soldiers of the Eighth Regiment National Guard New York (N.G.N.Y.) qualified as sharpshooters and marksmen at the Creedmoor range on 7 August 1897.


QM Sgt N. M. Stern


Pvt M. Friedlander, Co B
Pvt C. V. Hillebrandt, Co B
Pvt S. Gemner, Co H
Pvt E. Max, Co F
Pvt T. H. Foss, Co H
Pvt W. A. Covony, Co H
Pvt E. Cunningham, Co H
Pvt G. W. Geyer, Co H
Cpl S. Van Bierkow, Co F
Pvt J. Pertell, Co H
Pvt M. Gutman, Co H
Pvt R. K. Kaufman, Co H
Pvt E. J. Wurtemberg, Co H
Pvt E. Gottfried, Co A
Pvt C. O’Malley, Co B
Pvt D. Diamond, Co A
Pvt H. Ward, Co D
Pvt L. Burstein, Co D
Pvt P. Devine, Co H
Pvt F. F. Farrell, Co H
Pvt A. Berman, Co A
Pvt D. Jacobs, Co F
Pvt G. Fisher, Co F
Pvt R. Hamburger, Co D
Cpl W. P. Duff, Co H
Cpl F. Seelig, Co H
Pvt J. Mitchell, Co B
Pvt N. J. O’Brien, Co A
Pvt W. Malone, Co H
Pvt M. Neuman, Co H
Pvt C. C. Corbusier, Co F

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