22nd National Guard New York Sharpshooters, 1894

The following soldiers of the Twenty-second Regiment National Guard New York (N.G.N.Y.) qualified as sharpshooters in 1894.

Pvt F. C. Puffer, Co E
Sgt L. F. Buck, Co G
Sgt H. K. Zust
Capt M. E. Burnton
Capt G. A. Tuttle
Lt D. J. Murphy, Co A
Adjt H. H. Treadwell
Sgt Maj S. M. Phillips
Capt N. B. Thurston, Co E
Pvt C. Walton, Co H
Capt H. E. Stafford
Lt F. Isherwood, Co H
Sgt E. W. Goff, Co H
Cpl G. Oliver, Co H

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