Kennebeck Co., Maine Pensioners under the Act of 1816

Statement of the Names etc. of the Heirs of non-commissioned Officers, Privates, etc. who died in the United States’ service, who obtained five years’ half-pay in lieu of bounty land, under the second section of the Act of April 16, 1816, and who resided in the State of Maine.

Soldier Service Date of Death Heirs
Stephen Clapham 34th Reg’t Inf 30 August 1814 Charles, John, Thomas, George and William Clapham
Ezra Cole 26th Reg’t Inf 03 March 1815 George and Aschak Cole
Eleazer Cummings 21st Reg’t Inf 09 October 1813 Anna, Isaac, Seth, Asa, Enos, Joseph and Sally Cummings
James Douglas 21st Reg’t Inf 01 December 1813 John Douglas
Allen Door 9th Reg’t Inf 01 June 1813 Clarissa, Margaret and Martha Ann Door
John Dickey 31st Reg’t Inf 12 March 1815 Horace W., Mary E. and Horatio G. Dickey
Levi Eldridge 9th Reg’t Inf July or August 1814 Levi, Mehitable, Rhoda, Eunice Betty and William Eldridge
Bolton Fish 9th Reg’t Inf 25 July 1814 Meribah, Ruby, Hiram, Ephraim, David and Nathaniel Fish
Winthrop Glidden 21st Reg’t Inf 27 December 1813 Lois, Comfort, Joseph and Daniel Glidden
John Gold 21st Reg’t Inf 28 August 1814 Mary Ann Gold
William Haskell 40th Reg’t Inf 31 March 1815 William and Greenleaf Haskell
Zachariah Hussey 31st Reg’t Inf 07 September 1813 Experience, Polly, Betsy, John and Theodore Hussey
Jabez Harlow 9th Reg’t Inf 20 November 1813 Ataline, Eliza, Moses H., Maria, Catharine, Joseph and Dolly Harlow
Daniel Horn 9th Reg’t Inf 12 January 1814 Ebenezer, Samuel, Mary, Archibald and Emily Horn
James Le Barron 9th Reg’t Inf 18 December 1813 Elizabeth, Dorcas, Lavinia and Samuel Le Barron
William Mitchel 21st Reg’t Inf 28 July 1813 Adah, Joshua and William Mitchel
John McCurda 21st Reg’t Inf 11 June 1813 Luther, Mary, Isaac, William, Abiel, Rosanna and Calvin McCurda
John Quimby 9th Reg’t Inf 06 July 1813 Benjamin, Joseph, Love, Eliphalet, Vienna, Dennis, Lucinda and Celia Quimby
John Springer 9th Reg’t Inf 27 January 1813 Mary and John Springer
Joseph Trask 21st Reg’t Inf 13 September 1813 Ruth, Alfred, George, Jefferson and Polly Trask
Asa Wing 4th Reg’t Inf 17 November 1814 Deborah, William, Dan’l, John, David, Asa and Parmenio Wing
Jeremiah Wingate 3rd Reg’t Art’y 30 November 1813 Lydiah H., Noah, Ebenezer and Driscilla Wingate

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