Yorkshire Convicted Papists, 1716 (Langbaurgh Wapentake)

A True and Perfect Return of All Papists Convicted in the North Riding of the County of York, 1716.

Langbaurgh Wapentake

William Knaggs, Sr. Skelton
William Knaggs, Jr. Skelton
John Knaggs Skelton
Zachary Moor Colthouse Esquire
Martin Adamson Colthouse
George Adamson Colthouse
Thomas Taylor, Sr. Moorsholme
Thomas Taylor, Jr. Moorsholme
John Taylor Moorsholme
George Easton Gisbrough
Francis Snawdon Commondale
John Snawdon Westerdale
Christopher Duck Westerdale
John Duck Danby
George Hollest, Sr. Danby
George Hollest, Jr. Danby
Robert Suggitt Danby
John Ward Danby
Henry Harrison Glaisdale
Thomas Garbutt Glaisdale
John Knaggs Ugthorpe
William Hodgson Ugthorpe
John Dale Ugthorpe
Gabriel Dale Ugthorpe
Christopher Knaggs Ugthorpe
Robert Atkinson Ugthorpe
William Stangbow Ugthorpe
Thomas Hodgson Ugthorpe
John Hodgson Ugthorpe
Andrew Towsey Ugthorpe
Zachary Garbutt Ugthorpe
Paul Snawdon Ugthorpe
John Mercer Ugthorpe
Peter Garbutt Ugthorpe
Michael Snawdon Ugthorpe
John Wilks Egton
George Wilks Egton
William Wilks Egton
Richard Harland Egton
John Harrison Egton
Thomas White Egton
William Harrison Egton
John White Egton
George White Egton
William Barton Egton
William Beane, Sr. Egton
William Beane, Jr. Egton
Israel Raw Egton
William Lowson Egton
John Lowson Egton
George White, Jr. Egton
Francis Peirson, Sr. Egton
Francis Peirson, Jr. Egton
John Lyth Egton
William Lavecock Egton
William Snawdon Egton
William White Egton
Christopher White Egton
Ralph White Egton
Francis White Egton
Matthew Raw Egton
Henry Lawson Egton
Michael Raw Egton
Thomas Harland Egton
George Barker Egton
William Smith Egton
Richard Harland, Sr. Egton
Richard Harland, Jr. Egton
Thomas White Egton
Thomas Lavecock Egton
William Constant Egton
Francis Harland Egton
John Constant, Sr. Egton
John Constant, Jr. Egton
Matthew Beane Egton
John Robinson Egton
John Hutchinson Egton
Francis Thorpe Egton
Thomas Shaw Egton
Richard Smith Egton
Robert Hill Egton
Stephen Wilson Egton
William White, Jr. Egton
William Stephenson Barnby
William Dale Mickleby
John Unthank Ellerby
John Coale Staythes
John Garnett Easington
James Hall Low Worsall
Anthony Hoggard Low Worsall
Thomas Hoggard Low Worsall
Cornelius Coale Staythes
William Pearson Stokesley Esquire
Christopher Peart Stokesley Gen.
William Burne Stokesley
Jame Kirby Stokesley
Robert Mason Stokesley
John Fisher Yarme
John Grayson Yarme
John Mayes Fryeridge neare Yarme Esquire
William Grayson Yarme
William Simpson Yarme
Lionel Slator Yarme
William Allyson Yarme
William Wattson Yarme
Joshua Smith Yarme
Mrs. Mary Taylor Busby
William Passman Crathorne
John Comeforth Crathorne
Ralph Wellfitt Crathorne
Robert Mennill, Sr. Crathorne
Robert Mennill, Jr. Crathorne
John Wellfitt Crathorne
John Passman Crathorne
Hugh Sayer Rudby
John Sayer Rudby
Alban Sayer Rudby
Thomas Sayer Rudby
Thomas Midleton Midleton
John Sayer Castle Leavington
Thomas Bell Pickton
Thomas Bell Appleton
Stephen Tiplady, Sr. Hilton
Stephen Tiplady, Jr. Hilton
John Calvert Hilton
Thomas Darnell Hilton
Ralph Grainger Ormesby

These persons before named were convicted as Popish recusants att the generall Quarter Sessions of the Peace holden at Thirske the tenth day of April in the second year of the reigne of his Soveraigne Lord King George in pursuance of an Act of Parliament passed in the first year of his Majestie’s reigne intitled an Act for the further security of his Majestie’s Person and Government and the Succession of the Crown in the heirs of the late Princess Sophia being Protestants and for extinguising the hopes of the pretended Prince of Wales and his open and secrett abettors.

Historical Manuscripts Commission, The Manuscripts of Sir William Fitzherbert, Bart., and Others (London: Historical Manuscripts Commission, 1893), pp. 179-185.

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