Georgia Land Lottery, 1832

List of Lottery winners from Baldwin County, Georgia, showing the lots they were awarded in Cherokee County.

Lot District Section Grantee Home District Notes
217 10th 4th Elizabeth Allen 320th widow
40 11th 3rd John Allen Salem soldier
96 27th 2nd Robert W. Alston 320th soldier
222 4th 4th Henry T. Anderson 318th
95 9th 1st Lazarus B. Anderson 318th
138 13th 4th James Armstrong 320th
34 20th 2nd John Ayres Salem
100 13th 4th Lewis Bagley 318th
105 10th 4th Thomas Baisden 318th
263 22nd 3rd Marjam B. Baisden 318th orphan
255 11th 4th Sally Baogs Hill’s widow
72 7th 2nd Daniel Barringer 320th
144 6th 4th James N. Bethune 320th
70 18th 4th Solomon Birdwall 320th
150 27th 2nd Shadrach Bivins Hill’s soldier
120 28th 3rd John Bivins’s orphans Perry’s
126 8th 4th Augustus H. Black Hill’s
217 12th 2nd Mary E. Blome 320th widow
7 8th 3rd Ezekiel Boog’s orphans Hill’s
90 7th 4th Ashly Boon 320th widow of soldier
2 12th 2nd John A. Boutwell 320th
303 25th 2nd Levi Bowen 318th
302 8th 2nd Benjamin Bowers Perry’s soldier
235 27th 2nd Henry Brown 319th
268 12th 3rd L. D. Buckner 320th
275 10th 2nd Henry K. Burroughs Milledgeville
108 25th 2nd Hiram Carter Perry’s
257 17th 1st S. N. Jane Chasten 320th orphans
26 12th 2nd Knotley W. Cone 318th
230 9th 3rd Joseph Cone Hill’s
303 24th 2nd Mary Cone 318th widow
182 23rd 3rd John Cone’s orphans 318th
73 26th 3rd Joseph Cook’s orphans 320th
256 11th 4th Joshua Covey 320th
48 14th 4th Susannah Craft 320th widow
15 26th 3rd Stephen Daniel’s orphans 320th
113 9th 4th Robert M. Darnall 320th
138 8th 1st Henry Darnell 320th soldier of Indian war
82 12th 3rd Sarah Davis Perry’s widow
25 5th 3rd Ambrose Day 320th
129 6th 4th William Dee 320th
82 18th 1st Thomas L. Densler 318th
169 6th 3rd Thomas L. Densler 318th
73 27th 2nd Elizabeth Doles 318th widow; revolutionary soldier
82 11th 2nd Walker Duncan 320th
172 14th 4th John Dunn 105th
175 7th 1st Riley Durden 320th
165 16th 3rd Edwin J. L. Easter 320th
236 8th 2nd William Ellis 319th
48 9th 3rd John Evans 318th
122 25th 3rd Jane Ferrel 320th widow
119 24th 2nd James Fleming’s orphans 320th
118 4th 4th Jacob Fogle 320th
258 6th 3rd Jacob Fogle 320th
121 12th 4th Benjamin F. Fuller 318th
147 10th 2nd John Fuller, Jr. Hill’s
110 16th 1st Philip C. Gieu 320th
310 5th 3rd John Gill 319th soldier
312 28th 3rd Bayles Gills 318th soldier
32 9th 4th Wiley Gilmore Hill’s
119 10th 2nd Joseph H. C. Gindrat 318th
165 20th 2nd James Godwin’s orphans 320th
82 10th 2nd William F. Greene 318th
113 9th 2nd William L. Greene 320th
65 7th 1st Miller Grieve 320th
15 6th 1st Elbert Gulick 318th
212 23rd 3rd Jacob Gunn 105th soldier
55 5th 4th John Haddock 318th
272 24th 2nd Caswell Haddock 319th
247 13th 4th Samuel Hall Hill’s
129 14th 3rd Abner Hammond 320th
27 4th 4th Abner Hammond’s orphans 320th
259 7th 1st Leacy Hardy Salem widow
139 22nd 3rd Martin H. Harris Salem orphan
174 8th 3rd James Harrison Hill’s
190 6th 1st John Hass 320th
47 12th 3rd Ebenezer C. Hatcher 318th
18 6th 1st Ebenezer C. Hatcher 318th
184 6th 1st Burton Hepburn 320th
133 20th 2nd Augustus G. W. Hodges Salem
190 25th 2nd James C. Hoy Perry’s
88 12th 2nd Bettey Humphries 318th widow
151 8th 2nd Samuel Jackson Salem soldier
188 12th 3rd Margaret Jarell 320th widow
228 22nd 2nd AlexanderJarratt 318th
96 13th 4th James D. Jarratt 318th
201 9th 2nd George W. Jennings 320th
97 23rd 2nd Seaborn Jones 319th
235 23rd 3rd Walter Jones 320th soldier by substitute
255 7th 4th Benjamin S. Jordan 318th soldier
117 7th 4th James King 105th
115 6th 1st Elisha King 105th soldier
147 24th 3rd Thomas Lee Hill’s
265 14th 2nd Joseph Leonard Salem
152 6th 4th George M. Lewis 320th
320 12th 3rd James K. Lewis 105th
72 12th 3rd John W. Lewis 105th
119 23rd 2nd Fielding Lewis Hill’s soldier
166 26th 2nd John E. Lewis 105th
31 22nd 2nd Nancy D. Lewis Perry’s widow
306 11th 4th James Lewis orphans Perry’s
24 27th 2nd Richard T. Lingo 319th
137 25th 2nd Thomas Macklin Perry’s
120 4th 4th William Mahoughn’s orphans 320th
281 4th 2nd John Manning 320th
227 8th 2nd John Marlow 320th
223 9th 2nd Peleg R. McCrary 319th
171 23rd 3rd James McMurphy 320th
284 25th 2nd Benjamin P. Mercier 318th
32 7th 2nd Ezekiel Miller Hill’s
19 15th 3rd Nancy Miller Hill’s orphan
93 12th 3rd Nathaniel Miller Perry’s
12 11th 4th Joseph N. Miller 105th
107 6th 3rd Nathaniel Miller Perry’s revolutionary soldier
96 10th 1st Zealous Miller Perry’s
36 22nd 3rd Benjamin Moore 320th
186 24th 3rd James S. Moore 320th
311 24th 2nd Mary Moore 105th widow
146 24th 3rd Whitington Moore 105th
41 11th 2nd William B. Murphy 320th
272 9th 4th George W. Murray 320th
196 12th 3rd Martha Myrick 318th widow
300 5th 3rd William Oliver 320th
40 6th 1st Ezekiel E. Park 320th
199 7th 2nd William M. Parsons 105th minor, father absent
152 13th 4th Mary E. Peeble’s orphans 318th
158 18th 1st James C. Pemberton Hill’s
266 17th 1st George Perdee Salem
230 28th 3rd Pleasant Perdee Salem
137 18th 1st Samuel M. Perry Perry’s
104 19th 4th John E. Petigrue 320th
203 5th 3rd William T. Pike Town
196 14th 2nd William T. Pike Town
207 24th 3rd William C. Pitts Salem
101 17th 1st Joseph W. Quill 320th
224 26th 2nd Patience Raiford 320th widow
44 10th 2nd William D. Ray 319th soldier
148 6th 1st David Robertson Salem
35 19th 1st Miles Robinson 319th
64 4th 2nd William S. Rockwell 320th
100 7th 1st James Rosseau’s orphans 320th
114 12th 3rd Jacob Rowe 320th
219 10th 3rd George Runnels 320th
17 17th 1st William W. Russell 105th
75 27th 3rd John Rutherford Perry’s soldier of Indian war
245 28th 3rd John Rutherford Perry’s revolutionary soldier
43 26th 3rd John Rutherford, Jr. Perry’s
2 26th 2nd John W. A. Sanford 320th
10 18th 1st William Savage Hill’s
239 9th 2nd William D. Scoggin 318th
230 11th 3rd William F. Scott 320th soldier
139 12th 2nd Jesse Seaborn Hill’s
44 7th 1st John Sharpe Hill’s soldier
309 9th 2nd James Smith Salem soldier
87 24th 2nd James G. Smith 320th
39 27th 2nd Matthew Smith 320th
19 14th 2nd Rachel Smith 318th widow
46 4th 2nd William B. Snead 320th
315 7th 2nd Thomas Speights 105th
3 24th 3rd Washington Speir 319th
298 10th 4th Jacob Stephens orphans Salem
190 12th 3rd Samuel Stewart Hill’s
25 16th 3rd Westly Stone 320th
38 4th 2nd Elijah Sullivan 320th
241 22nd 2nd Benjamin Talbert 319th
162 25th 3rd John S. Thomas Scott’s
30 19th 4th William S. Thompson Salem
5 7th 3rd William O. Thompson Salem
88 4th 4th Benjamin Tolbert 319th
225 24th 3rd John Turk 319th
20 24th 3rd William J. Turk 318th
142 6th 3rd Wilson Turner Salem
42 27th 2nd Elijah Twilley Salem soldier
227 17th 1st Thomas H. D. Vanlandingham 320th
316 6th 4th Thomas Veasey’s orphans 318th
28 10th 3rd Harriett S. Vickers 320th widow
158 16th 3rd Vinson E. Vickers’s orphans 320th
279 18th 1st Charles M. Vinson 319th
158 8th 2nd John Weeks 319th
194 6th 4th Young W. White Hill’s
294 5th 3rd Young W. White Hill’s
76 25th 2nd Samuel White Perry’s
290 26th 3rd William H. Williams 320th orphan
336 27th 3rd William Wilson Hill’s
245 9th 2nd Collin Wood Salem
83 5th 3rd Isaac Woodall 318th
324 12th 4th Benjamin Woolsey Hill’s soldier
25 6th 3rd John R. Wooten 320th
121 23rd 2nd Leonard Wosham Salem

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