French Refugees in Virginia, 1700

List of the French Refugiez arrived with the Marquis de la Muce in Virginia.

Pierre Delomé and wife
Marguerite Sené and daughter
Magdalaine Martell
Jean Vidan
Tertulien Seheut, wife and two children
Pierre Lauret
Jean Roger
Pierre Chastain, wife and five children
Philipe Duvivier
Pierre Nau, wife and two daughters
François Clerc
Simon Sardin
Soubragon and Jaques Nicolay
Pierre du Toy
Abraham Nicod
Pierre Mallet
François Coupet
Jean Oger, wife and three children
Jean Saye
Elizabeth Angeliere
Jean and Claud Mallefaut with their mother
Isaac Chabanas and son
Catharine Bombard
Estienne Chastaine
Adam Vignes
Jean Menager
Jean Lesnard
Estienne Badouet
Pierre Morriset
Jedeon Chambone and wife
Jean Farey
Jerome Dumas
Joseph Bourgoian
David Barnard
Jean Chenas and wife
Jean Tardieu
Jean Moreau
Jacques Roy and wife
Abraham Soblet and two children
André Cochet
Jean Gaury, wife and child
Pierre Gaury, wife and child
Jaques Philipe, wife and four children
Pierre Perrut and wife
Isaac Panetier
Jean Parrantos and sister
[?El]ie Trejusson and wife
Elizabeth Tignac
[An]thoine Trouillarde
Jean Bourrie
—m Bouchet
Jacques Voyes
Elizabeth Mingot
Catharine Godriot
Pierre la Cour
Jean and Michell Cantapie, wife and two children
Jaques Bioret, wife and two children
Abraham Moulin and wife
François Bilbot
Pierre Compte
Estienne Guerin
René Massoneau
François du Tartre
Isaac Verry
Jean Parmantier
David Gonthier and wife
Moyse Lewreau
Pierre Tillon
Marie Leuesqz
Quintin Chassalain
Michael Roux
Jean Guiché, wife and three children
Henry Cabanis, wife and child
Jacques Sugre
Jean Bassou
François Boffe
Jean Fouchie
François Sassin
Jean Constantine
Claud Barden and wife
Jean Imbert and wife
Elizabeth Flewry
Louys du Pyn
Jacques Richard and wife
Adam and Marie Prevost
Jacques Veron and wife
Jacques Brousse and child
Pierre Cornu
Louys Bon
Isaac Bourdet
Jean Depre
Jean Gaillard and son
Anthonie Matton and wife
Jean Leuadou and wife
Louys Orange, wife and child
Daniel Faure and two children
Pierre Cupper
Daniel Roy
Magdalain Gigons
Pierre Grelet
Jean Jouanny, wife and two children
Pierre Ferrier, wife and child
Widow Faure and four children
Isaac Arnaud and wife
Pierre Chatanier, wife and brother
Jean Fouasse
Jacques Bilbeau
Jean Marohe
Catharine Billot
Marie and Simon Jourdon
Abraham Minot
Timothee Moul, wife and child
Jean Sauin, wife and child
Jean Sargenton, wife and child
Claude Philipe and wife
Gabriel Hurler
Pierre Delorme
Helen Truyber

207 persons (110 men)

Receipt for passage money 945l.

Subscribed Geo. Hawes
James Town, 31 July 1700

Headlam, Cecil, ed., Calendar of State Papers, Colonial Series (Volume 18), America and West Indies, 1700, Preserved in the Public Record Office (Vaduz: Kraus Reprint Ltd., 1964) First Published London: HMSO, 1910. pp. 456-457.

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