Weymouth to New England. 1635

List of 106 persons bound for New England from the port of Weymouth.

20 March 1636


Joseph Hall [sic] of Somerset, minister, aged 40, Agnes his wife aged 25, seven children and three servants

Musachiell Bernard of Batcombe, clothier, Mary his wife, and two sons

Richard Persons, salter, and servant

Fras. Baber, chandler

Joseph Joyner

Walter Jesop, weaver

Timothy Tabor of Batcombe, Jane his wife, three daughters and servant

John Whitmarck, Alice his wife, and four children

Wm. Read of Batcombe, Susan his wife, two daughters

Rich. Adams, his servant, Mary his wife and child

Zachary Bickwell, Agnes his wife, son, and servant

George Allen, Katherine his wife, three sons and a servant

Henry Kingman, Joan his wife, five children and a servant

William King, Dorothy his wife, and four children

Thos. Holbrook of Broadway, Jane his wife, and four children

Thos. Dible, husbandman, and Frances his sister

Robt. Lovell, husbandman, Eliz. his wife, and five children and servant, Alice Kinham

Angell Holland, Katherine his wife, and two servants

Rich. Joanes of Dinder

Robt. Martyn of Badcombe

Joan Martyn

Hump. Shepheard

John Upham, Elizabeth his presumed wife and five children

Rich. Wade, Eliz. his wife, Dinah his daughter, and two servants

John Hoble and Robt. Huste, husbandmen

John Woodcock

Rich. Porter

Signed by John Porter, Deputy Clerk to Edward Thoroughgood.

Sainsbury, W. Noel, ed., Calendar of State Papers, Colonial Series (Volume 9), America and West Indies, 1675-1676, also Addenda, 1574-1674, Preserved in the Public Record Office (Vaduz: Kraus Reprint Ltd., 1964) First Published London: HMSO, 1893. pp. 79-80.

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