Convicts to Virginia, 1633 to 1638

27 July 1633

The King to the Sheriffs of London and the Keeper of Newgate. The King having received certificate from Edward Littleton, Recorder, touching the King’s mercy to Thos. Brice, a condemned prisoner in Newgate, they are required to deliver him to Capt. Thomas Ketelby, or to any other Captain whom Ralph Brice, father to the delinquent, shall appoint, the body of said Thomas Brice, to be transported to the King’s plantation in Virginia, provided that if he should return to England without the King’s special license, then he shall be taken and executed according to the judgement already pronounced against him.

18 June 1635

Acts of the Court of High Commission. A petition read from John Haydon, prisoner in Bridewell, wherein he voluntarily acknowledges his manifold contempts against the authority of the Court, as well in preaching abroad since his degradation, as also in making sundry escapes out of prison, and offers voluntarily to leave this kingdom and go to Virginia, if order were given for his enlargement; which the Court ordered on his giving bond with sufficient sureties.

8 July 1635

Warrant to the Sheriffs of London and Middlesex and the Keeper of Newgate. For delivery of Maurice Cavenaugh, Richard Greene, Jane Wood, Anthony Bromley, Mary Fortescue, John Humfreys, Margaret Challicombe, Joan Howell, Jane Pryn, Elizabeth Branscombe, Mary Burbeck, Elianor Sutton, Elizabeth Williams and Thomas Merry, to Capt. Thos. Hill or Capt. Richard Carleton, to be transported by them into Virginia, with a claus for executing any of the said prisoners who return.

19 May 1636

Warrant to the Sheriffs and Keepers of the Gaols in Kent, Sussex, Essex, and Herts. To deliver William Savage, John Richardson, Thomas Browne, alias Anderson, Richard Martyn, John Skeete, and George Garrett, condemned prisoners in said gaols, to William Drysdell to be transported into his Majesty’s Plantation of Virginia, with proviso that they return not without the King’s special license.

5 February 1638

Warrant to the Sherriff of Surrey and the Keeper of the Gaol of White Lion, Southwark. To deliver to William Flemmen of London, gent., the bodies of Francis Osborne, alias Stillinge, Alice Williams, and five others condemned prisoners in the said gaol, to be transported to Virginia, with proviso that if they remain here above 20 days after their enlargement, or return without license, then to be executed.

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