Jamaican Factory Owners, 1694

In 1694, the French invaded Jamaica causing extensive damage to the island. In the Windward Parishes alone, 50 sugar works, 5 rum works, 21 cotton works, 54 indigo works and 11 provision plantations were destroyed with 1,962 slaves carried off.

On 23 May 1699, Richard Lloyd sent his account to the Council of Trade and Plantations in which he names the following factory owners:

Col. Edward Stanton
John Harbin
William Hutchinson
James Wall
George Bennet
Jaspar Butcher
Mrs. Dorothy Turpin
Charles Roberts
Capt. Edward Story
James Littleton
Capt. Henry Hilliard
Capt. Robert Bowman
James Stewart
Capt. Nicholas Wilks
Capt. John Kendar
Richard Howard
Capt. Edwards
Robert Flaxney
Nicolas Lissons
Jno. Bassett
Mrs. Paine
Major John White
Madam Wignall
Capt. Richard Risby
Adam Stewart
William Philips
Anthony Stoddard
Capt. Joseph Dowling
Major Smith Kelly
Capt. Robert Philips
Major Charles Penhallow
Capt. Anthony Swymer
Capt. Christopher Cooper
Lt.-Col. Modyford Freeman
Thomas Groues
Nathaniel Phelps
Mrs. Vangilder
Thomas Dunning
William Coward
Dr. John Kenn
Capt. Thomas Hudson
Capt. Jno. Cosley
Hackes Garbrand
William Harris
Col. Lyne
Major Nicholas Richardson
Jno. Stretch
Francis Fouracres
John Hamond
John Austin
Edward Turner
John Jennings
John Clark
John Campion
William Robinson
Thomas Harry
William Bennett
Charles Bernard
Mrs. Mary Macklane
William Johnson
Madam Bereman
Mr. Whitaker
Mrs. Ann Whitaker
William Magary
Major James Lobley
Capt. George Lenham
Mrs. Cole
John Courtney
Mrs. Smith
Mrs. Staton
Madam Harvey
Capt. Robert Phillips
Mrs. Mewtis
Capt. Tisdall
Mrs. Vuglar
William Almond
Joseph Gardner
Lt. Compere
Capt. Jennings
Lt. Jolley
William Fouracres
Leonard Eaton
Mrs. Bowley
Samuel Allen
George White
Andrew Dewany
Major Thomas Richardson
Timothy Conway
Thomas Orchard
Mrs. Rumbald
Charles Thomas
Jno. Jackson
William Hyley
Dr. John Smith

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More information about Jamaica proprietors can be found in the book:

Journal of a West India Proprietor: Kept During a Residence in the Island of Jamaica

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