Schmidt Witnesses Before Grand Jury

Schmidt Witnesses Before Grand Jury

All Who Testified at Coroner’s Inquest in Case of Priest Who Killed Girl, to Be Called.

Assistant District-Attorney Delehanty began today the presentation to the Grand Jury of the case of Hans Schmidt, the priest who has admitted killing Anna Aumueller. Inspector Faurot is under subpoena to appear before the Federal Grand Jury today and tomorrow. It will be probably Friday before an indictment for murder can be found against Schmidt.

Mary and Alfred Bann, the young people who found the first parts of the murdered girl’s mutilated body, Assistant Morgue Keeper Ellison of Hoboken and County Physician King of Hoboken, who performed the autopsy, were witnesses today.

All those who testified at the inquest will be summoned before the Grand Jury, which will sit today, tomorrow and probably on Friday.

Schmidt Witnesses Before Grand Jury, The Evening World, 8 October 1913, page 10, column 1.

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