Relates Schmidt’s Plan For Wholesale Murder

Relates Schmidt’s Plan For Wholesale Murder

Detective Says Slayer Told Him of Experiments With Poison – Trial Near Close.

Detective George Thompson, testifying today before Justice Davis in the Criminal Branch of the Supreme Court in the case of Hans Schmidt, the confessed murderer of Anna Aumueller, said that he found a block of death certificates in the room which Schmidt occupied in St. Joseph’s rectory. The blanks had been stolen from the office of Dr.Leo, Schmidt’s physician. Thompson found also the negative of a photographic reproduction of a blank.

“Schmidt told me,” said the detective, “that he was trying to find a poison which would painlessly end the lives of the incurably diseased or the aged and infirm. Such persons, he said, should be put to death humanely. He desired the death certificates so that there might be no scandal regarding the deaths of those whom he killed.”

The prosecution, closed its case today and Lawyer Terence McManus opened for the defense.

Relates Schmidt’s Plan For Wholesale Murder, The Evening World, New York, 26 January 1914, page 2, column 7.

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