Muret Studied Massage

Muret Studied Massage

No Record in Chicago That He Was Ever a Dentist There.

Chicago, Sept. 17.- Dr. Arnold Held, known in New York under the name of Sr. Ernest Arthur Muret and involved in counterfeiting operations with Hans Schmidt, self-confessed slayer of Anna Aumuller, is recalled by officials of the American College of Mechano-Therapy as having taken a course or correspondence four or five years ago. Officials of the college said to-night that so far as they knew Held or Muret never attended the college in person and it is their recollection that he registered from a New York address.

Students at the college are taught scientific massaging. The course by mail covers a period of eight months, at the completion of which diplomas are given.

Officials of the Chicago Dental Society say there is no record of Held (or Muret) ever having practiced dentistry in Chicago.

Muret Studied Massage, The Sun, 18 September 1913, page 4, column 3.

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