Hans Schmidt’s Friend Gets Seven-Year Term

Hans Schmidt’s Friend Gets Seven-Year Term

“Dr.” Muret Pleads in Vain to Be Allowed to Go to Germany.

“Dr.” Ernest A. Muret, convicted yesterday before Judge Hunt in the United States District Court of counterfeiting, was today sentenced to serve a term of seven years and six months in the Federal Penitentiary at Atlanta.

Muret was the companion of Hans Schmidt, assistant rector of St. Joseph’s Church and confessed slayer of Anna Aumueller. His request to be allowed to return to Germany, where, he said, he would remain, was denied by Judge Hunt. A certificate given to Judge Hunt by a Tombs Prison physician stated that Muret’s lungs are affected, but that he has not a defined case of tuberculosis.

Muret was turned over to Marshal Henkel, who said he would take his charge to Atlanta as soon as Muret has attended to certain matters of a personal nature.

Hans Schmidt’s Friend Gets Seven-Year Term, The Evening World, 29 October 1913, page 3, column 4.

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