Farley Talks of Murder

Farley Talks of Murder

Terrible Shock, Cardinal Says of Priest’s Crime.

By Telegram to The Tribune

Mount Clemens, Mich., Sept. 15 – Cardinal Farley, who is here for a rest and to take the baths, to-night said he was shocked beyond expression over the killing of Anna Aumuller by Hans Schmidt, a Roman Catholic priest.

“All that I know of the case at present is what I gained through the newspaper accounts,” the Cardinal said, “but to-morrow I expect a communication from Monsignor Lavelle, of the archdiocese of New York, giving me complete information.

“As to this co-called Father Schmidt, I know nothing, and, in fact, never heard of his before this time. The ordination papers spoken of may have been forged, as it is not customary to doubt the sincerity of such credentials when they are presented.

“It seems peculiar to me that he should be assistant rector of St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church and I not know of it. Until I hear further I will say that he has never been a member of the diocesan clergy of my charge.”

“I will aid in any way possible to sift this matter to the bottom.”

Farley Talks of Murder, The New York Tribune, 16 September 1913, page 2, column 3.

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