Cardinal to Aid Justice

Cardinal to Aid Justice.

Farley Says He Never Heard of Hans Schmidt.

Mount Clemens, Mich., Sept. 15. – Cardinal Farley of New York, who is here for a rest, said to-day concerning the Aumuller case:

“I am unspeakably shocked and grieved to learn of this affair. As to this Rev. Hans Schmidt, I have never heard of him. All I know about the case is what I have read in the newspapers, but my assurance is given that I will myself take a part in this investigation.

“It is possible that the so-called Father Schmidt forged his papers. It is not the custom to doubt the sincerity of ordination papers, and the rector of the St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church could have been misled by an unscrupulous person. I expect a letter to-morrow conveying full particulars.”

Cardinal to Aid Justice, 16 September 1913, The Sun, page 2, column 2.

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